Boston is no longer ‘quaint’

Timothy Noah, in Slate, complains that Boston is “no longer quaint”:

Boston has succumbed to New York me-tooism. Where you can really see this is in the food. The Hub has become a culinary paradise, stuffed with the sort of restaurants that the writer Calvin Trillin mockingly refers to, collectively, as La Casa de la Maison House.

Well excuuuuuuse us!
No, I’m laughing. The article is mostly tounge-in-cheek. Maybe Boston does have a teensy inferiority complex in comparison to New York. But why can’t we strive to be better and attract more tourist dollars, hmmm? And I like having a billion choices about where to eat.
Are Boston’s best days behind it? I’m no historian, but I would guess that the mid to late 19th century was Boston’s heyday, producing prominent abolitionists, poets, writers, politicians, etc. We lose bits of our population every year because of insane housing costs and expensive cost-of-living.
But I think there is still a lot for Boston, and Massachusetts in general, to be proud of. We have some of the country’s best universities and hospitals in our fair city. Taking a tour around the city is getting a great history lesson of how our country began. And we should be proud of all the great men and women we sent to Washington, and all the poets and authors we produced. I’d rather live here more than anywhere else, except maybe London – and London reminded me of Boston, which, I think, is why I fell in love with it in the first place.
I also love driving around in the historical districts of some of the suburbs, like Lexington. It is so quintessential New England, and I love it – the 300-year-old houses with the white paint and black shutters look awesome. Western Mass. is also gorgeous as well, especially in the autumn.
The Globe had a great article in this past Sunday’s Ideas section: Bay State Nation: What if America were more like us?”. Great read. If America were more like Massachusetts, there would be less crime and cheaper beer, for starters.

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