Its good to be in Boston… I went back home to Florida for my father’s 70th birthday this weekend. Trips to florida have become increasingly weirder since I moved to Boston 7 years ago. Not that its not cool to hangout with my family and old friends, I miss those people like its nobody’s business. Its the over all atmosphere that kinda throws me. It might be the millions of strip malls, or the corny buccaneers stuff plastered all over SUV”s, the abundance of winghouses, and 4X4’s. I’m not sure.
Adding to the strangeness this trip, the residents there were pretty spooked over the threat of Ivan hitting the Tampa area. People were running around buying up all the wood they could carry. Gas stations had lines 8 cars deep at the pumps. Most stations were completely sold out of gas. Entire neigborhoods had tree pruning parties. It was nuts. Best part of the trip was the rented Dodge Durango, and the abuse we put it through. driving through some mud and hopping large cement curbs, I’m just waiting for a call from Enterprise. “Um…. Mr. Saraceno the truck you rented has damage to the….” That beast was fun.
Like I said its good to be back, I missed NESN and the weekend sox games, Manny’s three homers including a grand slam, crazy Mass drivers, the hydepark skatepark, JP, ahhh the list goes on.

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  1. seanbonner (unregistered) on September 13th, 2004 @ 4:49 am

    it’s pretty crazy how “unused” to florida you get. When we all lived there that stuff was there and no one noticed, but now that we’re all several years out, going back is very weird.. It’s the place that time forgot.

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