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Swimmer Takes The Charles, Brushes Teeth For Several Hours Thereafter

Local swimmer Christopher Swain, after an 81 mile “hike” begun Oct. 12th, has finished swimming the entire Charles River. It was a tight race, and Mr. Swain is believed to’ve eeked out Mr. Jeb Alexander by a mere nine hours, who’s attempting the same feat in a lawn mower.

From the article:

“I dodged everything from refrigerators to cars and old appliances [See, The Big Dig is healthy! — Evan] to PCBs, heavy metals and pesticides which I couldn’t see,” he said.

He swam about four days a week, putting in six-hour days. The “swim” included hikes through tunnels, around 20 dams and crawling on a boogie board through mud. Along the way, he led trash cleanups and spoke to schoolchildren.

When asked to put his achievement into perspective, Swain replied, “You’re not going to use that ‘Dirty Water’ song in the write-up, are you? I really hope not. That wouldn’t be clever at all.”

Let it snow….

So today was the first snowfall of the season. It looks cold and chilly and wet outside from my nice, warm, dry desk.

I used to love snow, but now that I’m an adult with a car in Boston, I dread it. I hate shoveling and digging out my car and… ugh, everything. Maybe I should move to LA?

Kerry ’08 (Rage, rage against…)?

Today’s Globe has an article that says Kerry could ‘conceivably’ run again in four more years. Superificialy, we can see parallels with Vice President Gore, returning to the arena with his proverbial boxing gloves primed for a rematch, which leads me to wonder: how will the Republicans treat Kerry if he reemerges at the top of the Democratic field? Everyone else?

A. The Republicans

Dick Cheney: Let’s not forget that this is a man who called my daughter a lesbian.
Mary Cheney: But, Daddy, I am a–
Dick Cheney: Shut up, sweetie, the terrorists have bombs everywhere.
Mary Cheney: Don’t you mean ears?
Dick Cheney: Ears made of bombs.

Choo Choo Charlie

Coming soon – The Charlie Card – seems pretty cool and FINALLY we may be on our way to becoming a better system, like what New York and DC have already had for years.

PS. Sorry for the lame subject.

Red Sox Nation

After all those Jesus Land and other maps which went around after the election – the Boston Globe now imagines Red Sox nation. I guess the Country Drink would be $6 beer, right?

Progressive Radio

btn_masthead.gif I only recently discovered that Air America can be heard in Boston. I listened this weekend as I painted the window sashes in the barn and I have to say I felt better about the state of our country. One odd thing: the the station is owned by the dastardly monolith Clear Channel. I wonder if they area carrying Air America programming in order to be able to say “See, we aren’t right-wing tools, we even carry Air America in selected markets!” I guess I’ll just enjot it while it lasts.

New Toy

Photo 53.jpg

No new posts lately so I’m gonna talk personal stuff here. I bought a 65′ ford falcon today out in Springfield MA. This thing is amazing, 2 owners 35,000 miles. Still had the driving gloves in the glove box from the old lady who bought it! My brother used to restore them, and it was the first car I could remember. Its been my dream car since I was a kid. Anyway, JP people if you see me in the area driving like an old man, give a wave and i’ll honk. YES! Oh and I found a New England chapter of Falcon lovers. Its all old men with car club satin jackets that match the color of their car… I wonder if I’ll look good in white?

just how red is the US?


The Boston Globe printed a map that succinctly makes my point from my post election entry. Check it out and whine. When you are done, lets plan what we are gonna do about it.

looking for solace and what to do now?

for all those who are left feeling hopeless, discouraged, or generally disgusted with the results of the election, or those who think the prospects for our country under the continued leadership for the next four years are bleak, please check out Sars’ (a New York metroblogger) response to the last question on her advice column today.

Then go find a local or national cause and volunteer.

Welcome to Progressivia

On The Daily Show last night they had some fun with the electoral college map by creating a country out of the swing states, since nobody really paid any attention to what would happen in the solidly red or blue states.

This morning, I’ve decided that we need to start a new country up: Welcome to Progressivia:


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