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ghost town

Its 10 am and I just kinda wandered into work. I got a phone call from my friend sarcastically chanting “4 more years, 4 more years” we laughing about the election. Its a coping mechanism for us both. At some point you just gotta laugh. I’m in a daze.

My family is from Boston but I spent my formative years in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. The political climates are very very different. I also grew up with a picture of JFK in the hallway and supper table conversations about democrats, social programs, taxes. So it was been easy moving back for me to feel confortable with the liberal tendencies of the northeast. Not many confederate flags, or God, Guns, and Guts stickers on 4X4’s. But this election made it painfully obvious I take the progressive attitudes of MA for granted, and apply it naively upon the country as a whole. I for the first time in a long time had a genuine feeling that someting was happening in our country, my cynical side detected change. I wasn’t so apathetic after all.
Around 2 am that started to change, The cloud came back, The feeling of estrangement from my fellow citizens once again settled in. I witnessed again that an election lead by fear, and religion still wins. That old out vote the young, and I should buy a gun rack for the Jetta.

voting reports!

Voting stories from all metroblogging sites found here.

Election Day Fun

So, yesterday, I spent some time on the City of Boston Web Site and first made sure that I was correctly registered and then figured out where I had to go to vote. Lucky for me, it was the firehouse in the South End which is a measley block from my apartment.

This morning, I got up early (for me), went through my normal routine and then headed out the door sans backpack and tea and wandered over to the firehouse. There was a bit of a line, probably 50 to 75 people. Didn’t look too bad. At this point, it was about 8. Half an hour or so later, I had finished my ballot and pushed it in to the little scanning machine. Looked like it was number 350 or so. Considering, it was only 8:30, and there were just as many people waiting in line from when I started, seemed like a pretty good turnout.

The highlight of the morning came from a school bus full of kids. When the school bus stopped at the red light in front of the fire station, the kids, seeing the line and knowing what was going on all started chanting “Kerry! Kerry!” Rather amusing and cute. Also, good to know the kids had a good idea of what was going on.

Now to the fun part. Any bets on when this election will finally be decided?

Don’t blame me — I voted for Kodos!

I kicked my boyfriend out of bed this morning at 7:15 a.m. Cruel, I know, but I wanted to vote before I went to work, figuring the line would probably be shorter than in the evening. In return for dragging his ass out of his warm bed, I promised to drive him to school instead of taking the bus.

We walked down the street to the James A. Garfield Elementary School on Beechcroft St. in Brighton. The line was probably about 30 people deep at that point. They were having a little bake sale with coffee going on, so we had some decent coffee for 50 cents each. Really warms you up when you’re standing outside in the cold.

The polling place was open for people in precincts 10 and 11. There were tons more people from precinct 10, but lucky me, I was in precinct 11 and didn’t have to wait in line as long. They found me on the rolls quite easily (although I think the poll worker was sleepy — I pointed out my name, and he asked, “Which one?” and I said, “The one by my finger.” “Which one?” he asked again. I had to put my finger over my name because he almost checked my roommate’s name).

It took me about 30 seconds to vote. I filled in the little bubble, although for most of the races it seemed pretty pointless — I think only two were contested. Everyone else was running unopposed.

Having done our patriotic duty, my boyfriend and I walked back to our respective houses, breathing in the clear air of democracy and enjoying the early morning sun against the brilliant colors of the changing leaves.

Free For All

I just back from a business high up in the John Hancock tower. The offices of the client had a perfect view of the hoopla taking place in Copley Square as they get ready for Kerry to give his acceptance speech tonight in front of the library. I’ve never seen so many press people in that area — even during marathons. It was a little spooky how easy it was to roam around there. When I was walking back to the parking garage, I was able to go just about anywhere without press credentials. I always thought I looked a bit unabomberish, but apparently I strike a figure about as threatening as Pedro’s friend, Nelson.

Anyway, I can’t wait to get home to watch the talking heads and whatnot tonight. And the Daily sSow is live at 10 PM.


Here’s some good info on State wide candidates and ballot questions and other stuff you may be looking for.

Bigots on the March

The Massachusetts electoral votes are already in Kerry’s pocket, but there are some local races tomorrow that are incredibly important. On the ride to work today, I saw homophobic signs supporting Scott Brown for State Senator. One of them:

A homosexual man adopts a baby…
Brown is Against
Angus is For
Vote Tuesday, Nov. 2

Scott Brown got himself in trouble a while back when he ridiculed his predecessor’s lesbian relationship. He is against gay marriage, not surprisingly.

In the 3rd Congressional District, incumbent James McGovern,is being challenged by the troglodytic Ron Crews, a Republican who came here from Georgia to lead the movement to block gay marriage in Massachusetts. A reverse carpetbagger.

Hopefully the turnout will keep these knuckleheads out of office.

take the stairs, piggy!

Totally not PC, but this story made me laugh: Sophomore evicted for fliers urging girls to lose weight.

It probably would have been less offensive if he hadn’t targeted just girls (because, hey, there are also plenty of college men who could stand to lose a few pounds, too). It seems extreme that he got kicked out of his dorm completely, though.

I remember waiting AGES for the elevator at college. Then you get in there, and people without any kind of visible disability (like crutches) take it one flight up! How annoying!

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