How’s that snow?

Looks like I lucked out being in St. Louis. I just checked out the video weather on and it looks like Boston’s getting 7 inches of wet, heavy snow. Sorry I can’t help you shovel, Steph! Luckily I’m not here during the Final Four – I’ve heard that hotels are sold out for miles around St. Louis.

People in St. Louis have been very friendly – even after learning I’m from Boston. Lots of questions on how the Red Sox will do this year. Most people think that the Cardinals would have had a better shot against the Yankees – but the momentum that the Sox had from the ALCS was unstoppable. Lots of comments on how expensive Boston is. Many of the people I’ve spoken to have been to Boston or the Cape, and everyone thinks its beautiful, just expensive. Not the worst reputation, I was expecting people to assume that we’re all rude, and poor drivers.

One person did ask me what I thought about Boston Rob from The Amazing Race. Normally, I don’t watch reality TV – because its evil – but I did catch the first episode of the new season while at a hotel in North Carolina. Now, I regret to say, I’m hooked. As for Boston Rob, I think he’s giving Bostonians a bad name, but, after talking to people about him, they think he’s alright. Driven. Wily. Fun. Not the worst reputation. Perhaps I bring a bad perception of Bostonians with me – a perception that is undeserved.

Do you think that Bostonians are poorly represented? Ever have a problem while traveling from someone who thought less of you because of your “Bostonness”?

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