Sox win again, Philadelphia, Amtrak, The Leaky Dig, and stuff

The Sox beat the Orioles last night – but its only April :)

I’m off to Philadelphia this weekend, some family function thing that I hope is fun. Flying from Providence on Southwest – because the fares are amazing. Last time I did this I got called out to be searched – my bags were searched, and I was put into a machine that puffs air on you. Still have no idea what the air puffing was looking for, but it felt very … odd and Orwellian.

A friend of mine, recently back from a trip to Turkey, just found out that the Amtrak Acela trains are no longer running. He was a big fan of taking the Acela down to NYC and working on the train – much easier than driving, and less stressful than flying. Is there any hope for decent rail service in the NorthEast corridor?

It should hit 60 degrees today in Boston, and my morning walk for coffee tells me that its going to be a great day – just a T-shirt and I was very comfortable.

The Big Dig is in trouble again according to the Herald. I wonder how long the leaks can keep up until a section of the tunnel comes crashing down.

If you are in town this weekend, check out the Boston Cyberarts Festival and, for a good read, check out The Big Kenmore Square Bistro Square Off – I wasn’t even aware that Kenmore was getting fancy schmancy Bistros. I normally only go there when I’m going to a Sox game.

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