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Pranking the Pike

This is kind of old, but I just discovered it and found it hilarious., the brain-child of comedian and fellow Bostonian John Hargrave, lists a bunch of minor “pranks” (more like funny investigative reports) from credit card fraud to viagra tests. One of the funnier ones is his prank on the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority.

Sunday Night Music (Part 1)

Well, it’s the summer time and some of us like to head out on Sunday nights. Now, for many, the popular Sunday night spot is Waterworks over in Marina Bay.

Well, if you don’t want to drive down to Quincy on a Sunday night, there is stuff going on in town. For episode one here, we’ll start with Hennessey’s. Hennesey’s is just outside Fanueil Hall, located a couple of doors down from The Purple Shamrock.

Their Sunday night’s has music featuring Tom Groleau (formerly of the Mudhens and the Flutie Band) playing with Keith and Chip Lewis (of Central Basement fame). It’ll be a lot of fun cover music.

The reports from last night say the crowd was pretty good, so hopefully it will keep up and be something fun to do on a Sunday night.

I’ve got a few more of these, so watch for them over the next little bit.

Benefit for Lenny Lashley

There’s a benefit for Lenny Lashley of Boston punk band Darkbuster. From their website:

Sunday June 26th @ The Middle East Downstairs
3pm doors – A Benefit for Lenny Lashley – Darkbuster (featuring guest vocalists), with The Dents, The Dogmatics, Three Sheets, Raging Teens, Piss Poor Boys (featuring guest vocalists), Drago, The McGunks 18+ $20 (admission price includes guitar raffle entry!)

I don’t see anything at the Middle East website yet, but its for a good cause. Lenny was in a work related accident, come on out and show him your support.

Congrats Cam!

Cam Neely was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame today. Traded to the Bruins in 1986, Cam quickly became a fan favorite in Boston and was a hero to many young men including myself. I have fond memories of my dad letting me stay up late with him to watch bruins games in the late 80’s.

Powered by Neely and Bourke and supported by guys like Lyndon Byers, Andy Moog and Reggie Lemelin, my preteen self looked up to these guys as role models because, like my father, they were guys you could relate to. If they were not playing hockey, they’d be construction workers or mechanics. Fans identified with these players and owners knew it. Games were affordable, players were not grossly overpaid and the games were way more entertaining.

Today, I can’t stand hockey. The 2004 hold-out was the nail in the coffin, but for many years, hockey has been moving away from its “rugged” routes. Driven by profits and developing young players too quickly, the league becomes more like the NBA every day. I hope the NHL realizes their errors and corrects them before its fan base moves on for good.

America’s Most Unwired Cities

Boston placed 13th in an Intel study to determine the most wireless-friendly cities in America, which is pretty good considering the top ten (Seattle, San Francisco, Austin, etc). Worcester actually finished 84th!

If you’re looking for hotspots in Boston, try this web site.

Massholes 1 – Pirates 0

Anyone else read the Boston Herald story about the two Massachusettsians (I’m sure that’s wrong) who fought off pirates near Yemen?

That’s freaky. Given, you are sailing around the world in your freakin’ yacht while I’m happy to be able to afford some new shorts from Old Navy, but the fact remains, you deserve a beer.

Fighting off pirates who were armed with AK-47s? That’s just MUCH too much.

The best part is, in true Masshole style, the pirates were rammed.

Wouldn’t you just love to do that on the Pike?

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