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More on Hot Stove, Cool Music: The Fenway Sessions

I mentioned this show at Fenway on Saturday in my post earlier today.

First, I will say Theo was just on the game and said that yes, there are still tickets available. You can grab them over here on

Also, I forgot to mention all the great bands playing. This list:

  • Buffalo Tom featuring Theo Epstein
  • Peter Gammons & the Hot Stove All-Stars, featuring Bill Janovitz and The Gentlemen
  • Fountains of Wayne
  • Kay Hanley
  • Juliana Hatfield
  • Ben Kweller
  • Red Sox pitchers Tim Wakefield and Bronson Arroyo
  • New York Yankees outfielder Bernie Williams
  • Other musical and baseball guests

If you’ve been around the Boston music scene for a while, you’ll see some legendary Boston bands in there.

This show is usually played over at The Paradise, so this is going to be a MUCH bigger show than in previous years.

Lastly, all the proceeds go to Theo’s new charity currently called “A Foundation to Be Named Later”

Down By The River

I don’t even want to guess how many years I’ve lived in Boston. This recent time is a mere five years, arriving in August 2000 and still here and going strong as we approach August 2005. Before that I lived here right after college for about 5 years then went to New York, then came BACK to Boston … I’m a recidivist! Let’s just chalk it up to over 12 years.

And still … there are so many unbelieveable things here that I’ve never seen. It doesn’t seem possible!

And today, I drove to Alewife, parked, grabbed the T (which I love and always will) and red-lined my way to Charles/MGH to visit Community Boating and sign my kid up to learn to sail. I had never been there in all the years I’ve lived here.

What a cool place! Best of all, I spotted two boys in the subway not much more than 12 who looked like they might be headed precisely in the direction of Community Boating. They got on at Harvard Square, meekly trying to fit in, with their baggie swim pants (that look just like shorts) and backpacks and held the pole next to me and carefully counted out the stops, getting off at mine.

My son wasn’t with me, but off with his dad today, so I was just some lady who came up behind them and said, “You guys wouldn’t happen to be going to the Community Boathouse, would you?” They stood taller and said “yes,” and let me show them my kid’s application and follow them across a labyrinth of walkways that bridge the end of Storrow Drive, like a concrete Tarzan path high up under the jungle of trees to the other side of the highway, where the boathouse is tucked away. Glad I asked their help, it wasn’t obvious.

I don’t even dare try to describe this great place — instead I insist you go visit! On a hot day, it had the most lovely cool breeze and a ton of young sailors putting their sailboats through their paces.

Even if you don’t like sailing, it’s a delightful shady area to park yourself on a bench, eat your lunch and watch the river, the boats, the trees bending to honor this lovely old Boston institution.

Some great Boston Brahim who probably had a dozen sailboats all her own realized every kid in Boston deserved the fun of learning to sail and made the membership for kids ages 10 – 18 simply $1.00!

There are also classes and reasonable membership fees for adults. They sponsor moonlight sailing and even trips to islands out beyond the Harbor, some day trips, some overnight camping trips.

Check out their site and check out the sights, sounds, and moments of guaranteed revery as the river slowly laps against the shore right there in downtown Boston at the end of Charles Street. It’s not be missed.

Bellichick and Debby are separated :(

Poor Bill. Even though he’s the man when it comes to NFL Championships, he and his wife Debby are separated. In fact, according to that espn article, they’ve been separated for some time now, its just hiting the ‘net now.

Wish you all the best, Bill. Don’t get distracted from the 2005/6 season.

In light of

the forthcoming Harry Potter book (note I wrote “In light of,” not “In joyous, let-me-break-into-ancient-greek-in-celebration-of), allow me to direct your attention to the parody “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in Fifteen Minutes,” a delightful little romp of a tale.

Also, did everyone else know that Schoenhof’s carries a Latin translation of Harry Potter? That it’s called Harrius Potter? And let’s not even get into the d over t of the train right now, okay?

Happy Bastille Day

It’s July 14, which means its Bastille Day to all you Francophones.

Here’s a list of French restaurants where you can get your French on in Boston.

Just Couldn’t Help Myself

Since I don’t blog in enough places already — Halley’s Comment, Worthwhile Magazine, Tom Peters‘ not to mention Misbehaving.Net, We Quit Drinking, Personal Democracy Forum and then there’s my podcast show on IT Conversations called Memory Lane — I just HAD to beg Sean to let me blog at MetroBlogging Boston here.

I’m heading down to the waterfront to sign up my kid for Community Boating. It’s costs a whole Yankee Dollar — $1.00 — for him to become a member and take sailing classes. I think he’ll love it. More soon!

The Empire Returns

Well, the Yankees hit town tonight for a four game series. With them being 2.5 games behind the first place Red Sox right now, it should make for a very interesting series.

The biggest news in the series will most likely come around the fact that Schilling is back and is pitching from the bullpen. I think it will be very interesting to see how the always vocal Sox fans will react to how he does coming out of the pen. I think if he falters, it’s going to get real ugly around here real fast.

The Sox also acquired Chad Bradford from the A’s for Jay Payton. His sumbariner style is interesting to watch to say the least. That gives the Sox pen a little more depth, so that’s a plus.

While on the subject of the Sox, a number of music related items. Bronson Arroyo’s CD came out this past Tuesday and there was a CD release party last night at Avalon. I heard Bronson performing on the radio yesterday morning and was rather impressed. Anyone go to the CD Release Party?

Lastly, Hot Stove Cool Music this Saturday night at Fenway. There may still be some tickets left, but last I heard (on Sunday) there were only a few then, so it may be sold out. Should be an good time at Fenway even without baseball.

Wanna Blog for Boston?

Anyone want to blog here? All we ask is that you try to post something a minimum of three times a week about the world’s greatest city. Post about things that are going on, things that you care about, or things that strike your fancy.

There’s a little application here to get you started.

It’s fun, it helps contribute Boston to the greater Metroblogging community, and, let’s face it, we’re the coolest town around, so spread the word and make an impact!

If you have any additional questions, you can send me (Andreas) an e-mail: amatern AT

What to do in Boston

A NYC MetBlogger posted a comment that I’m going to expand upon real quick: What to do in Boston while here on Business?

Hopefully the other BOS metbloggers will help me out. I should probably put this in a wiki somewhere, but:

General touristy stuff:

The Freedom Trail: Follow the red line painted on the ground and see some of Boston’s history.

The New England Aquarium: It’s big, it’s bad-ass and its really close to a gigantic Legal Sea Food – which freaks me out a little.

The USS Constitution: Unlike the Red Sox, it’s undefeated in battle.

The Bull and Finch Pub: The bar that gave some drunks the idea for the hit TV show Cheers.

Ghosts and Graveyards Tour: See – the Boston Strangler’s haunts! Ponder Edgar Allen Poe’s freakiness! Etc.

Newberry Street: It’s Boston’s Madison Ave. Check out the fancy pants shops.

The Prudential Center: The observation deck will give you a good look at the city from high above.

I’ve probably forgotten a lot, but it’s only 9 am. There are tons of Boston reviews online, including this one

When I take friends/family for a quick Andreas-tour of Boston:

We start near the Charles/MGH T-stop – because that’s where I live. I’m sorry, but tours of my apartment are severely restricted :P

Walk down Charles Street and see how Boston’s rich and fancy folks live. You can check out the cobblestone streets, and admire the huge number of dry cleaner’s per capita. There’s good food to be had, and fancy shops to browse in. If you’re thirsty, stop by the Sevens (at 77 Charles). It’s more Boston than Cheers.

Walk all the way down Charles Street until you hit “the park” – Boston Common will be on your left, and the Public Gardens will be on your right. The Gardens are gorgeous in the Summer – and you can check out the famous statues and whatnot. If you make your way to the Boston Ritz Carlton, you’ve found Newbury Street – where you can again ogle shops.

This is getting too long, and I may have to revisit it, but I’m hoping other folks will post comments and correct me :) If you’re a baseball fan, and you have the time you should definately check out a a tour of Fenway park.

Here’s some parting General Information:

BostonUSA – the official Boston visitor’s site

Sorry, work beckons!

WBOS Concert Series

Unless I’m reading this wrong, the BOS concert series begins tonight at Copley after a memorial service for London Bombing victims at Trinity Church at 5:30.

I’m looking forward to July 21st when Mike Doughty will be playing. Mike was the front man for Soul Coughing (super bon bon, super bon bon!) and his solo stuff is fanatastic.

For more to do in Boston this weekend, there’s always the excellent listing in The Phoenix.

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