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More on Logan Wifi

There’s more media coverage on the Logan Wi-Fi thing here:

Boston airport tries to kill free Wi-Fi node | Tech News on ZDNet

There’s also a fark thread here:

Go SOx!

Spacewalk over Mass.

I sat enthralled for over an hour yesterday as C-SPAN replayed the delicate and time-consuming spacewalk by astronaut Steve Robinson of the Space Shuttle Discovery. Since the event was being broadcast on C-SPAN, there was no commercial interruption, and very little narration, just amazing pictures from underneath the belly of the shuttle in orbit. I was marginally interested as well to note that during the spacewalk, the first piece of debris – a “gap filler” for the thermal tiles – was removed as the shuttle and the space station orbited silently over Massachusetts.

The whole ordeal was incredibly fascinating, and it reminded me of the scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey where Dave Bowman attempts the extravehicular maneuver to remove a malfunctioning AE-35 unit. For a little over four hours, it was high tension in space. Luckily, it looks like the crew won’t have to attempt another such repair during this mission.

Click here for video clips (bottom of page)

And don’t forget to practice your own spacewalking skills just in case you find yourself miles above earth in orbit and need to remove dangling thermal tile spacers.

The Loss of a Boston Landmark

Or at least an interesting pub. According to the Globe, The Littlest Bar will be closing by the end of the year when they tear down the parking lot it sits under for a new building of condos to be built up.

Sad to see an fun place like the Littlest go away :(

Goodbye to the Littlest Bar

One of the best bars I take people when I do a little pub crawl of downtown is the Littlest Bar, and now, it is being turned into condos? The whole story is at Tiny footprint, major loss – The Boston Globe

I’ll miss ya Littlest Bar!


Swimming in the Charles

Ever feel like a little excercise on a nice summer day? How would you feel about swimming in the Charles River? The Charles River Swimming Club has been recently established to serve as an advisory group to the city of Boston regarding swimming in the Charles and to recognize and promote the ongoing efforts at rehabilitating the Charles.


Most people think of the Charles as a “toxic body of water beyond repair” but that’s no longer true. Efforts to clean up the Charles have been successful, and the Charles River Swimming Club hopes to keep it that way.

Check out their website, and take a plunge into the Charles! Let’s see New Yorkers dive into the East River! HA!

Logan is Trying to Kill Free Wi-Fi

Boston airport tries to kill free Wi-Fi node | CNET

Continential has a Wi-Fi antenna at their frequent flyer lounge and it lets people get free Wi-Fi at Logan. This, of course, pisses off the folks at Logan who want you to fork up dough to access their pay as you surf network.

The folks on the Boston WAG list have a petition going around which will hopefully bug the FCC enough that we can get what we want! More in the extended entry, English bad today, need more coffee.

Boston signs Murray and McEachern

Bruins sign Glen Murray and Shawn McEachern

The Boston Bruins have agreed to terms with right wings Glen Murray on a four-year contract and Shawn McEachern on a two-year contract, it was announced today by Bruins General Manager Mike O’Connell. Both players were unrestricted free agents, and in keeping with club policy, terms of the contract were not released.

Murray, 32, has played the last three NHL seasons with the Bruins, after returning to the team in October, 2001 that made him their first pick, 18th overall, in the 1991 NHL Entry Draft. Murray has scored 30-or-more goals in each of his last three NHL seasons, including a career-high of 44 in 2002-03 with the Bruins.

McEachern, 36, returns to Boston where he played during the 1995-96 season. The 5’11”, 200 lb. native of Waltham, MA was Pittsburgh’s sixth pick, 110th overall, in the 1987 NHL Entry Draft. He turned pro in 1992 following an outstanding three-year career at Boston University. He has played 13 NHL seasons with Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Boston, Ottawa and Atlanta. He spent the 2004-05 season with Malmo in Sweden with 1-2=3 totals and 26 PIM in 16 games. In 883 career NHL games, he has 254 goals, 317 assists and 571 points with 484 penalty minutes.

I’m so PSYCHED for the hockey season – who cares that its shorter than its supposed to be. LETS GO BRUINS!

For the latest news, please visit

Is this really a surpise to anyone?

As gas prices rise in the U.S., more and more gas stations are experiencing customers who fill their tanks and simply drive off without paying. With prices around $2.43 per gallon for the cheap stuff, an increasing number of people are partaking in the scourge of the pumps, “gas theft.” But as the title suggests, is this really surprising to anyone? As a nation stricken with urban sprawl, we are so heavily dependent on gasoline to run our lives that we are sometimes willing to steal. I’m sure the mindset is simple: “I’ll just do it this one time, and besides, oil companies are evil.” That’s only partially true. While oil companies may be evil to the core, gas theft is unfortunately not going to hurt the industry bigwigs. CEOs will still make their ridiculous salaries, and when they see a rise in theft, they’ll go ahead and pass that financial crunch on to you, the consumer. See? Evil. Even lawmakers in my home state of Ohio have stepped in, making gas theft punishable by suspension of one’s driver’s license.

What can we do about it? I think the easiest thing anyone can do to avoid paying high gas prices and being a slave to the pump is to simply not drive. Take the bus, take the T, ride a bike. This city isn’t that big, and it’s easy and cheap to get around on mass transit. And don’t forget about the commuter rail either.

More Free Music in Boston

Western Mass natives Staind will be playing City Hall Plaza on Tuesday. The show is part of the Fusion Flash Concert series. They are trying to make the concert a flash mob type of event. With the radio advertisements, I don’t think it’s going to be out of the blue as some flash mobs were, but it could be interesting to see how it works out.

delSol with Jake Brennan and The Confidence Men

Tonight at 5:30 at Copley care of 92.9 WBOS you can check out the following two bands for free!

Arriving on the Boston scene with a rock & roll swagger and a barroom poets heart, Jake Brennan is an exciting new voice. With songs that range from anthemic rockers that evoke Petty or Springsteen and a punk energy that evokes his Hardcore roots — as well as echoing the primal Sun Sessions rock sound — Brennan and The Confidence Men have proven that is possible to win over a jaded, indie-rock crowd in America’s most overeducated city and transport them into a sweaty roadhouse somewhere in a mythical American heartland. To learn more, visit and select Jake Brennan and The Confidence Men

The rock band deSol is made of seven members out of Ashbury Park, NJ. The band’s name deSol means of the sun and they draw many roots from Latin inspired music while remaining a rock band. The album deSol was just released June 2005 and has already been greeted with much positive feedback. To learn more, you can visit the deSol website by clicking

Sounds like a good time to me!

I’m going to try and see if I can enjoy one of my last days of ‘vacation’ before the new job starts by going to Fenway at around the 3rd inning and looking for tickets. Anyone done this before?

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