Update: Say It Ain’t So Theo

As you’ve probably heard by now, Boston Red Sox wonder kid GM Theo Epstein has called it quits, turning down a 3-year contract worth about $4.5 million. While every Boston media source is speculating as to why Theo would leave Boston, no one really knows for sure. The Boston Globe reports that the relationship between Epstein and CEO Larry Lucchino had “reached its breaking point.” The Boston Herald reports that “intra-organizational politics, power struggles and lack of privacy” drove Theo out. Super-Columnist Peter Gammons thinks that Epstein’s “rock-star” status after winning the World Series was too much to handle.

Whatever the cause, the Red Sox are now without a GM and rumors are flying that we may soon be without Manny as well. Its painfully early in the off-season, but the 2006 season is already looking dim for Red Sox Nation.

UPDATE: Theo is hosting a 1pm press conference today (11/2/2005). I doubt anything will come of it, but if you are still worried about Theo’s departure, ESPN columnist and Red Sox Nation liaison Bill Simmons will ease your pain.

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