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Awesome in Boston

I am part of a new collaborative website about Awesome stuff. At some point there could even be an offshoot for Awesome Boston! Until then, perhaps some cross posts will pop up.

Email me with any Boston specific stores or things you’d like to see there and check out the new site if you get a chance.


Wine All You Want, But Mitt’s Right

Its not every day that you are proud of a Massachusetts’ politician’s decision to veto an alcohol-related bill, but Governor Romney’s veto of the bill that would have allowed online wine sales in the state was very impressive. I admit, when I saw the headline on, I thought antiquated Blue Laws or republican conservatism had played a role in the veto, but it looks like Mitt was actually looking out for the wine lovers (and makers) of Massachusetts.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to be able to order wine online as much as the next guy, but I also want the Bay State’s local wineries to sell without restrictions. Wineries that already have distributors would have been barred from selling their wares to consumers, which Mitt feels, “creates artificial barriers to protect Massachusetts wholesalers at the expense of a free market.”

Lawmakers need to go back to committee and ignore the influence of the large distributors. The Internet is the ideal place for small wineries to showcase their products to the world and restrictions derived from political loyalties should not hinder the ability of these vendors to expand beyond Massachusetts.

Pains of the Lottery

Million dollar lottery winning causes family tensions –

I don’t play the lottery too much – I took too many stats classes to think its a good idea. But when I do play, I hope to win (obviously). This family has had their life changed because they won. Stupid son, trying to rip off his old man. Its a million dollars! Share it! Enjoy it! Don’t be such a doofus!

Authors and publishers discuss Google’s library project –

This is a very interesting topic – Google wants to start indexing books on their venerable search engine, and a lot of people are upset. Google is being sued because authors and publishers believe that the indexing is actually just scanning copyrighted work. Google thinks that the project will allow people to find books that they would normally not be able to find.

Three university libraries, including Havard’s, will be indexed and put on-line for people to search in a ‘electronic card catalog’ according to Google.

I think its a great idea – have you been to the library lately? Its so hard to find exactly what you’re looking for. If more content from books were indexed, it would be easier to find exactly what you want, from a real source, not just a web page. Think of how much faster you’d be able to do research, or find a passage from a novel or a book of poems. I’m all for it, I wonder what the courts will decide.

Google’s book search is here for you to try out. A story about Microsoft’s book search is here – they claim they will be indexing only books where they have permission from the publisher. And here’s another article from boingboing

It’s that time again…

Ice causing crashes in Interstates 93 and 89 –

Thankfully, no one was hurt, but I’m not ready for icy roads yet! Will my little Civic be able to handle icy roads? Who knows? Stay tuned for more slightly tired news!

Upcoming BSO Concerts

BSO | 125 – 2005/06 Season – Mozart, Perle, Schuller, and Debussy

Get yerself cultured and stuff. The BSO, if you haven’t been, is fantastic. I do recommend the pre-concert talks, they make the experience so much nicer.

I’m not going to IKEA for a while

Based on the comments in this thread: Metroblogging Boston: Who has been to the Stoughton IKEA?, doesn’t look like I’ll be going to IKEA for a while – at least not the Stoughton one.

If I were the President of Boston University perhaps I could take a half day and shop at my leisure, but then again, with that kind of dough, you’re probably going to Bernie and Phill’s., no wait … what’s the fancier furniture store with the two guys who are always doing funny commercials during Red Sox games. Damn, my brain is tired. Maybe I should try to become president of a college/university, I mean, how hard can that be? I can throw an alumni dinner at $500/head easily! At least some colleges are investing their millions wisely – and ethically.

Happy Monday, I’m off to New Jersey. WoohoO! Too bad I no longer have my high school hair cut! I wonder if Hertz will rent me an IROC-Z28? I should give Bon Jovi a call when I’m there… we could duet Living on a Prayer … although he gets all those high notes!

Indoor soccer

Boston Strikers Co-ed Indoor League

Registration for the 2005/2006 Indoor Coed Soccer League is now underway.

The Strikers indoor season will consist of one 13 week season running from December 11 through April 2. The league can accommodate 60 players, each of whom will be placed onto one of five teams. The opening TWO weeks will be ‘open play’ evenings — a mixed, round robin hour of play where all players — old and new — can be assessed in an effort to create five equally balanced teams. While all players are encouraged to attend the open play nights, anyone new to the Strikers must attend. Team rosters will be finalized after the open play sessions.

I really want to play, I’m just not sure if I’ll have the time, stupid work! (EDIT: I fixed the typo in the title, my brain is small)

Keyspan says service back on Sunday for Lexington

Keyspan says full service to be restored by Sunday –

Right now only 15% of the folks in Lexington have service. That’s just atrocious. The mistake was putting high pressure gas into a low pressure line…. silly people!

I’d be upset. Very upset if this happened to me. But, what can one do, accidents happen!

Lets hope that all the folks get their services back sooner rather than later. Happy Friday!

Charles Circle — Not Done Yet

From the Beacon Hill Times:

The Charles/MGH station and the surrounding streetscape won

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