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This kid will have a killer college resume

18-year-old wins spot on Westbrook City Council –

Eighteen and on the City Council? What the hell was I doing at 18? Perhaps I shouldn’t post that…

Who has been to the Stoughton IKEA?

Devotees, the curious flock to Ikea’s opening – The Boston Globe

I’m an IKEA fan, hell, who really isn’t? I worked at the Hicksville, NY one for a while, and I think 90% of all my home furnishings are from the Swedish Geniuses who use hex-keys better than anyone.

With the IKEA open in Stoughton, I’m wondering when I’ll initially go? The news has reported on the traffic, the huge numbers of people, etc. But, I like IKEA and I want to go!

I also wonder when Somerville will allow IKEA to open there….

Veteran’s Day

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day – what does that mean for your work day?

What’s closed, open on Veterans Day – The Boston Globe Probably not much – but free parking! Oh, and no mail and no banks.

How are you going to celebrate Veteran’s Day?

Blogging in the News

There are some interesting things happening in the world of blogging. One is this: Protect Free Speech Online: Stop H.R. 4194 which I’ll let you read on your own.

The others are bloggers who are reacting to tragedy near their homes. Including bloggers in Jordan,
and (eerily) in Paris where the government is cracking down on bloggers!

There are also online audio interviews with Katrina survivors… what can’t the blogosphere do?

Metblogging Survey

Please stop by the Metroblogging Reader Survey and take the survey. We’d like to know more about what you like/hate about boston.metblogs. Thanks!

Boston WiFi Meetup Wednesday November 9


Just a friendly reminder that the next Boston Wi-Fi Meetup is coming
up this Wednesday, November 9th at 7:00 PM. We’re meeting up at
Between Hours, a cafe in Allston at 154 Harvard Ave. So far we’ve got
8 “yes” and 2 “maybe” RSVPs. If you’re planning on being there,
please RSVP to help inspire other people to do the same. The best
meetups happen when you show up!

MBTA directions to Between Hours:

Take the Green Line’s “B” Train to the corner of Comm Ave and Harvard
Ave. Walk down Harvard Ave so that McDonalds is on your right and
Marty’s is on your left. Between Hours is a couple blocks ahead on
your right. The internet cafe has free wi-fi.

If you’re driving, here are directions via Google Maps:

RSVP: / or email

See you there!

Minor League Team Offers Theo GM Job

This is absolutely hilarious and a great PR stunt for a small league team. The Brockton Rox, an independent minor league baseball team located south of Boston, offered ex-Red Sox GM their GM spot. With a total team payroll of less than $90,000, Epstein would have his hands full, but the team is already successful winning 29 of 46 games last season. I hope Theo comes out with a reply to this.

Open Guide to Boston

Here’s a neat little site:

Home – Open Guide to Boston

Check it out, and be sure to let metblogs know what information you’ve added!

On a dissimilar note, I’m off to Seattle again, which is a pity, as the weather in Boston has been perfect of late, and I haven’t really had the chance to enjoy it.

On another dissimilar note, is the Jamaicaway still undergoing massive construction? I was actually at a bar with some friends, and the TV was showing the local news. We saw tons of cars getting their tires screwed up, and I mentioned that it looked like they were on the J-way, and lo and behold, I was right.

Getting home was fun (esp. since my sense of direction is lacking) but I hope they fix up that road soon!

Update: Say It Ain’t So Theo

As you’ve probably heard by now, Boston Red Sox wonder kid GM Theo Epstein has called it quits, turning down a 3-year contract worth about $4.5 million. While every Boston media source is speculating as to why Theo would leave Boston, no one really knows for sure. The Boston Globe reports that the relationship between Epstein and CEO Larry Lucchino had “reached its breaking point.” The Boston Herald reports that “intra-organizational politics, power struggles and lack of privacy” drove Theo out. Super-Columnist Peter Gammons thinks that Epstein’s “rock-star” status after winning the World Series was too much to handle.

Whatever the cause, the Red Sox are now without a GM and rumors are flying that we may soon be without Manny as well. Its painfully early in the off-season, but the 2006 season is already looking dim for Red Sox Nation.

UPDATE: Theo is hosting a 1pm press conference today (11/2/2005). I doubt anything will come of it, but if you are still worried about Theo’s departure, ESPN columnist and Red Sox Nation liaison Bill Simmons will ease your pain.

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