Celtics, the NBA and Adam Morrison

I can’t stand watching basketball; the NBA disgusts me, the Boston Celtics haven’t put a quality product on the floor since the Larry Bird era, and no one really cares. Until there is some serious change in the NBA, I wouldn’t care if the sport just disappeared.

So why am I writing about basketball now? Because, once again, the Celtics are at the bottom of the standings and playing (or not playing I suppose) for the coveted top draft pick spot. Why should you care? Because a lanky kid out of Gonzaga University is projected to be the number one pick in the NBA draft later this year and he could save the NBA single-handed.

Adam Morrison is one of the most exciting college basketball players I have ever seen. He’s drawn me into a sport I can’t stand. A skinny white kid with an awkward mustache and a 70’s porn-star hair-do, Adam doesn’t look like a basketball player. But when he’s on the court you can’t look away. You never know what he’s going to do or where he’s going to score from. If he throws up a shot, it goes in, doesn’t matter where or how many people are covering him, the kid is ice on parkay. Add the fact that he has diabetes and Adam could probably win American Idol without singing a note, because people can relate to his homely, average-Joe persona.

Morrison has been compared to Bird by almost every sports analyst and not just because of his awkwardness or the color of his skin. Bird had an amazing ability to draw a crowd into a game. Adam does the same thing. With the clock winding down, these are the kind of guys you want to have the ball.

I know the odds of the Celtics getting this guy are slim, but the mere prospect of it happening excited me enough to write this. It pains me to say, but Adam Morrison is exciting enough to make me watch basketball regardless of the team he lands on… well maybe.

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