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MBTA Cash Management

While I am apparently required to have exact change, even though exact change is an exact annoyance, the Boston T isn’t even sophisticated enough to take my money in a 21st Century way.

Check out this old school cash box at a random T station.

Not only does that seem that I could make my own change if need be, might the MBTA workers have a little too much temptation to count the cash with a “one for them, one for me” pocket-the-cash action?

Maybe you might wanna see if Boston can upgrade – down in DC, we’ve been whipping out Smartrip cards for years now. Hell, we can even refill the cards on the bus!

World Cup

If you’re excited about the upcoming World Cup in Germany, check out this little page: World Cup KickOff – All the match details for World Cup 2006 in Germany. By allowing you to download the calendar file for all the games you’re interested in, you can rest easy knowing that Outlook will remind you to get to a bar to watch the game!

Now, the big question is … where to watch. I’m sure there are places in Cambridge and Allston where they’ll be showing the games, but … anyone have any suggestions?

B&B Quick Tow in Cambridge

Another B&B Quick Tow

Where is your car parked right now? Maybe in Cambridge per chance? Might it be even close to a crosswalk?

If either, then I suggest you check it right about now. I just watched B&B Towing yank a car in about 15 seconds from Mount Auburn Street in Cambridge.

As the tow truck drove away, behind it ran a hopeless yet irate driver who would agree that just like in Washington DC, towing companies suck.

Hahvahd Business

Though it’s nothing but gossip, file this under “strangest news lead you’ll see in a while”:

A 26-year-old college dropout who carries President Bush’s breath mints and makes him peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches will follow in his boss’s footsteps this fall when he enrolls at Harvard Business School (HBS).

Chatting with Fouad Siniora

Geeking out with the Lebanese

Are you Lebanese? Maybe even half Lebanese? Are you a techie? Maybe even a Geek?

Then there is only one place to be on this beautiful Sunday – TechLeb 06, the 1st international conference on technology in Lebanon.

We’re here to think out how to make Lebanon a vibrant and sustainable technology hub in the Middle East & North Africa region (MENA).

Sounds like fun, right? Well if you wanna ask questions of Fouad Siniora, Prime Minister of the Republic of Lebanon, this is the place to be. He may only be on speaker phone, but he’s still giving solid answers.

Woops, gotta go, now we have Marwan Hamade, Minister of Telecommunications, Lebanon on the line too.

Exact Change is an Exact Annoyance

Exact $1.25 in Annoyance

Coming off a long flight, what would you want to see as you hunt for the ill-signed Silver T Line into Boston?

Maybe this kind and wonderful notice – Exact Change Only.

Thanks so much MBTA, for making me go look for a non-existent change machine somewhere in the labyrinth of Logan International. Luckily, Dunkin Donuts just upstairs took pity on my $20 and gave me enough ones and quarters for the fare.

To those on the way to BOS and thinking that the MBTA might accept your $5’s or $10’s for a multi-use pass, may I suggest you think of boycotting the T?

Never Worth It

Never Worth It

My dear Boston,

While you might be temped by the visual pollution on the MBTA to think that the piss-water of Bud Light is worth it, don’t be fooled.

In this town, the ancestral home of Sam Adams (not necessarily the current brewery incarnation), drinking a bad copy of a Czech original would be downright unpatriotic.

Instead, on this Friday afternoon, raise a pint of your favorite real American brew, Yuengling would be a good choice.

Outbound or Inbound?

While some folks are thinking of boycotting the T, I’m just trying to figure the damn thing out, especially the whole Inbound/Outbound thing. Exactly where on this MBTA Red Line map do I magically switch from being “Inbound” to “Outbound”?

When I got on at South Street Station, headed to Harvard, I thought I was “Outbound”, headed out of Boston to Cambridge.

Yeah, at U Mass, I noticed that I was the wrong “bound.”

Boycott the T?

T Boycott

In response to the MBTA’s fare increas, people are trying to organize an MBTA boycott on June 6.

Boston more than “Beantown”?

Say you are a traveler, one who enjoys nightlife worldwide. While you usually get stupid in Washington DC, you’re headed to Boston for your cool international job. You wish your weekend would be free, but you’re going for an all-weekend conference.

You still have Thursday and Friday night though, and you wanna discover something funky. Like when you confirmed its Beer Pong, not Beirut or spent thirty-six hours in Philly checking on cheese steaks.

What would you do?

You wouldn’t investigate the whole “Beantown” angle, that would be flatulent, and you did the tourist trail years ago with the ‘rents. No, you want something cool, fun, nocturnal, and most likely, alcoholic. Any suggestions?

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