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Road Rage in Boston

Cities’ Rankings for Road Rage Episodes – Yahoo! News

According to that Yahoo story, AutoVantage ranked Boston #5 for Road Rage in the country. We are just behind LA, NY, Phoenix (!) and Miami (the number one Road Rage City).

Now that the biblical deluge is behind us, perhaps our driving will be a bit more tempered. After all, taking a nice long drive is a great way to worship the sun, isn’t it?

Now, if we could just get people to use their blinkers (or directionals if you prefer).

Did anyone else see …

that big ball of fire in the sky this afternoon. Can someone please explain what it is? Thanks!

local goodies to eat

Ever have a hankering for a yummy scone or muffin or pie? You should check out Peetsi’s Pies, on Beacon St. in Someville near Porter Square or in their new location on Putnam Ave near the intersection with Mass Ave. Their currant scone can’t be beat – it is crumbly inside, a little crisp on the outside and only slightly buttery and sweet from the currents. Perfect. Also recommend the strawberry scone with lemon frosting for a fruit/citrus/sugar on top sensation. Her pies are wonderful as well, just as good or better than Mom’s…

Auto Insurance in the Bay State Under Attack

If you live in the Boston area and own a car you know how expensive it can be to insure an automobile. Regardless of how well you’ve driven in the past, insurance premiums in Massachusetts are some of the highest across the country. While the legislature is attempting to protect all Massachusetts’ drivers with these laws they are in effect punishing drivers with good driving records by setting insurance rates and stifling price competition from insurance companies. The unfortunate reality is that better drivers end up with higher premiums than they deserve in order to cover driver’s with bad driving records.

A new initiative by Fairness for Good Drivers is attempting to bring legislative change to this overly protective system. Other northeast states encourage competition between insurance carriers, having more than 100 companies competing for your insurance payment. Due to the fixed rates levied by the State, only 19 insurance companies compete in Mass., causing our drivers to pay, on average, $200 more than the rest of the country.

The Fairness for Good Drivers includes a lot of information about the history of insurance in the state and also gives easy links to contact your local legislator to help their cause. While you may not agree with their specific agenda, its hard to argue against the need for reform.

Park Street Station Ad

Park Street Station Mission Impossible ad

Nice graffiti!

Immigrants Day?

Businesses close, hundreds rally in support of immigrants’ rights –

I noticed this today when I went out for some errands – a lot of little bodegas are closed today, apparently people are rallying to support immigrants’ rights… Wonder what will become me of all this, wonder how many places have closed, or how many people refused to go to work.

The Caveman Cometh

Damon Ready for Return to Boston – Yahoo! News

Its going to be an interesting day at Fenway…

Just doesn’t seem right, even after knowing it was true, that Damon, the beloved Caveman of the World Champion RedSox, is now a Yankee.

I wonder what kind of reception he’ll get today?

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