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WERS, my wife’s favorite morning radio program, had a great show called the Coffeehouse, where acoustic … well, coffehouse type music was played.

Now WERS has changed the format of the morning show! It’s a “diverse mix of musical genres” which is not the soothing morning music I need to get ready for work each day.

Please, WERS, bring back the coffeehouse!

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  1. Adam Taft (unregistered) on October 10th, 2006 @ 3:42 pm

    Amen. I wrote the following email to WERS. I hope other disenfranchised CoffeeHouse listeners would write in and tell them what you feel as well…

    I am a LONG TIME listener of the Coffeehouse program, now apparently dropped along with all the other good daytime programming. What a sad sad commentary. The Coffeehouse was a CORNERSTONE of American folk rock, pop, new artists, interviews, serving the New England area and the country as a whole. What have you done!?

    I’ve tried to listen to your latest programming rubish. Ech. Bland, stale, paltry music with no SOUL.

    You all have obviously lost complete touch with your audience and your core vision. I can’t imagine the reasoning that went behind such a disruptive change to your programming. Which radio polls have you been listening to? Whose ass are you licking?

    Let me tell you, you are clearly NOT a college radio station any longer. College radio stands for something: music on the edge, music with roots, music that energizes, music that resonates the soul. You are now just filling the air with uninspired background noise. I can’t listen any longer.

    Shame on you.

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