Beverly Says No

Mike sounds off on the Beverly “No” vote:

Dawn Hames, from Citizens For Fiscal Responsibility, is quoted in The Salem News as saying “As the children would say, ‘Awesome’.” What children are saying that, as they watch their schoolrooms crowd and their after school programs dwindle, might be a matter for contention. And even those that say “awesome” might not be able to spell it. But don’t let that stop you from gloating. I’d have to side with Centerville Parent Amy McCay: “I feel sad people think about their own pocket before the greater good,” she said. “They can’t see the big picture.”

No one has yet addressed the fact that multi-million dollar estates in Beverly Farms routinely assess for about 50% of their market values (the over $1 million real estate market remains relatively un-phased by the popping of the bubble), while the homes of less affluent families are assessing at near 100% right now. Now THAT makes me want to break out the torches and pitchforks. Will city assessors look to the affluent to pay their fair share? Keep holding it…you look good in blue….

Where will the kids go? From Save Beverly Schools:

There was considerable talk about open enrollment. In the 5-school redistricting plan, Hayes has kept open enrollment students at their current school. Karen Fogarty suggested all students who open enroll be returned to their home school, and suggested that priority be given to students who have been displaced from their neighborhood school, and especially to 5th graders who will be moving again to Briscoe the following year.

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