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No more Nomar…

The biggest of the last minute trades
I just don’t even know how to process this. I knew, realistically, Garciaparra wasn’t going to re-sign at the end of the season, so in that respect I’m glad we were able to beef up our defense so much (as Theo said, that could have been our fatal flaw come the post-season). However, Nomar has been the rock of this team for so long, they built around him in the late 90s, bringing in Pedro, Manny and everyone else, so it’s definitely a shock to see that this really happened.
But man oh man, let the World Series (Cubs vs. Red Sox) speculation begin : )

She climbed the ladder of success – wrong by wrong

Barbara Stanwyck and George Brent in Baby FaceThe Boston Public Library’s free film and video series is hosting Sinsational Cinema: Pre-Code Hollywood Movies in August. They’re starting next Wednesday at 6:30 with Baby Face — Darryl Zanuck’s story of a Lily (Barbara Stanwyck), a woman who slept her way to the top. Who would have thought that a movie made in the 1933 would have covered such a risque topic?
That’s what Sinsational Cinema is all about. Apparently, the lack of strong enforcement of the Production Code between the years 1930 and 1934 allowed films of these years to be more daring and controversial than the later films of the decade.
And the BPL is air-conditioned….

The Mule is Coming

Gov’t Mule is headed back to Boston. They will play The Orpheum on October 15th. Pre-sale starts on Monday, Public on sale on Friday. Definitely a band worth checking out if you are in to jam bands. Warren Haynes is one of the best guitarists in the scene and an incredible site to watch.

And the score is?

So, was the DNC good or bad for Boston? Now the debate will begin.

Me + Rob = TRU LUV

I watch “The Daily Show” all the time, and had no idea that Rob Corddry is from Weymouth! Wicked pissah!
He had an online chat on yesterday: here. My favorite part:

assman: Q: is stephen colbert as creepy in real life as he appears to be on television?
Rob_Corddry: Yes, Stephen Colbert is an onion skin of a human being stretched over a black abyss.


DNC: Who cares? I do!

I’ve had a lot fun this week watching the DNC on C-Span (which is great — no blowhard commentary). I am unashamed to say that I am a big ol’ lefty and I wear the liberal badge with pride.
Anyway, I kind of fell asleep last night during Kerry’s speech — not because it was boring, but because I was absolutely exhausted. I worked early hours this week in an effort to get out early and avoid the (supposed) traffic. As it turns out, this was probably unnecessary, but I had committed myself to it, and thus had to stick to it.
My favorite speeches of the convention were Barack Obama, Howard Dean and Al Sharpton. I think Obama was the best, and while he’s not in my top three, I also liked John Edwards’ speech. To be honest, many of the other speeches were a little boring. Gephardt’s was a snoozer. But overall, I liked the excitement of the crowds, and I believed, just a little bit, that Kerry is going to win this thing, and he is going to start making efforts toward everything he was promising, like more jobs, better healthcare, less taxes for the middle and working classes, etc. It’s easy to be a cynic and say that it’s just campaign promises, and if you talk to me in two years I may be thoroughly disappointed. But I have to have a little faith — otherwise I might drive myself crazy and end up not voting.
And, regardless of what way y’all are voting, I hope you guys are all registered!

Varitek and Rodriguez: Penalty Box

So, I’m reading along o’er at Bloomberg and notice that a decision has been handed down regarding Varitek and Rodriguez:

New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez and Boston Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek were each suspended four games by Major League Baseball for starting a bench-clearing brawl and fighting during Saturday’s game at Fenway Park.

So, as much as we liked seeing Rodriguez getting some poetic justice, we’re being hurt by it. Frankly, if I want to watch a fight, I’ll watch Bruins hockey. But hey, I’m a Yankee hater just like the rest of the folks in Beantown, so…que serrah, serrah (or for the more French amongst us… se la vie )

DNC: Who Cares?

So, I’m watching the tele the other night and suddenly, my show is interrupted by some old windbag talking about how Kerry is the best thing since sliced bread. “Only in Boston,” I say to myself. “Alrighty then, let’s give ‘Ol Blowhard a chance to say his piece.” For the next 30 minutes, I’m subjected to more liberal rhetoric than even Mr. Dean spouted during the primaries. *sigh* I’ve got nothing against liberals per se, but I get sick of hearing the same old crap: “Bush is making us unsafe” etc. etc.
Since this blog is about Boston (and who am I to get off track?) I must talk about how the DNC has affected me….not one bit. Being on the North Shore gives me a welcome respite from the toil and turmoil of downtown. However, I did make one quick trip down the road and, amazingly enough, no traffic. I guess people took the “Get the Hell outta Dodge!” mandate pretty well. Downtown is ghost-like with emptiness all around. I really pity the North Enders whose businesses are facing a tight crunch (and I love the fact that Menino is giving discounts to the restaurants). When all is said and done, will the DNC in Boston actually be measurable in terms of success or fiscal failure? Time will only tell!
Ta for now. –Dave

Louis, Louiiiiii, ohh Louis!

All charismatic speeches, book signing and free buffets aside, the coolest DNC event this week BY FAR was the concert appearance of the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the LouisBoston store last night.
Now if you’d heard anything at all about this event, you at least heard how it was not open to the public, invite-only, celebrity-stuffed guest list blah blah blah. And all of this is absolutely true, but guess what? I got in. Yep, I really did and it was awesome. I was like 25 feet away from the stage, wedged in next to one of the owners of B&G Oysters and several Congressional-looking suits. How did I do it, you ask? Frankly, it was not that hard. We scored some wristbands from exiting policos who were headed to the kinder, gentler James Taylor show over at UMASS, and just walked right in. Yep, I really did. Despite the “orange-level” security alert that Boston is in right now, there was more security at the VIP tent at the Coachella festival than there was at Louis to protect stars like Affleck, et al.
Anyway, I’m sure you want to know who I rubbed elbows with back there. Supposedly Leo diCaprio walked right by me (how DARE he!), and there was an Affleck-related flurry of paparazzi, but otherwise I mostly hung with journalists, met 2 girls who’d won tickets from WBOS and a waiter with connections. But I am not complaining. It was totally awesome and there was free beer.
Incidentally, if you happen to be in the neighborhood, there are cases and cases and cases of lemons outside of Louis right now, as lemons were part of the decor last night. You figure it out…

Jackson was right, then wrong…

According to the Herald:

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, who infuriated Mayor Thomas M. Menino and others this week by saying Boston has a long way to go in the fight for racial equality, called hizzoner yesterday to apologize.

I think that Menino and others overreacted to Jackson’s orginal comments. In fact, I think Jackson’s observations were fairly accurate. Have me made progress? Sure. But, Boston is still one of the most racially segregated metropolitan areas in North America. It is ironic that Jackson took a swipe at Harvard — their Civil Rights Project, has been one of the most dogged research groups exposing the continued discrimination in our housing market.
Menino doth protest too much, methinks.

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