Boston rocks!

It’s my first post here, so I guess I should introduce myself …
My nickname is Smeg, and yes, there is a story behind the nickname that doesn’t involve a penis. I’m a 25 year old IT professional, working for a UK based security software company. I’m also British, and have lived in Boston since April 2003, when the company I worked for let me transfer to the US office.
I fell in love with Boston during two trips here. One was a work trip for two weeks back in May 2002, I stayed an extra week, travelled to Chicago for a couple of days, and Boston the rest. I made some great friends here, and fell in love with the European feel to the city. I came back for a 3 week holiday in November 2002, and stayed almost entirely in Boston. I loved it here. April 2003 saw me boarding a plane in Heathrow with a one way ticket, never to look back!
I work up in Lynnfield, but I live in Jamaica Plain, which means I get to commute straight through Boston, twice a day. Despite the rather interesting nature of the drivers in this city, I love it. Any semblance of a polite British driver that I had when I arrived vanishes as I get to shout, beep and wave interesting finger and hand gestures at the other drivers. Especially out of state drivers who have found themselves on a rotary for the first time in their lives. Oh, how I love it :)
Jamaica Plain is a fantastic neighbourhood to live in. There is so much to do here, so many nice places to eat, to drink, to hang out with friends and set the world to rights. There is plenty of greenery, which is important to a country guy like me (I grew up in the Welsh mountains).
I think thats pretty much it for my first post. Once this is live, I’ll have much more to say. Welcome to the Boston Metblog!

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