Good morning from… New Jersey?

Hey all. Well, I am actually in New Jersey – I attended a wedding here yesterday. But I promise to keep this on topic – i.e., talk about Boston.
So, I have lived in Massachusetts all my life – I was born in Boston, raised in the nearby suburbs. I went away for college but came back. Mostly because I was poor and had to live with my parents, but also because I really missed New England. I moved out last year and now I live in Brighton, kinda near Oak Square. I love my neighborhood; it’s full of young families and working professionals (like myself, naturally).
I’m really proud of where I’m from, and whenever people give me shit about being from Boston (like many Southerners did in college) I defend it to the death. I think the most common criticism I’ve recieved is “People from Boston are so unfriendly.” My response was, “Oh yeah? When did you visit?” They would say, “February.” Me: “well, DUH. It’s freezing in February! Everybody’s pissed off because there’s 2 ft. of snow on the ground and it’s too damn cold to do anything. Come back in June. We will love you up.”
To switch topics a bit, this is only the second time I’ve been out of the state for the 4th of July. One year I was in England. We had always gone to a friend’s place in Cape Cod to celebrate it, but two years ago my parents bought a house on Martha’s Vineyard, so now that’s where we celebrate it. It’s so fun – there’s a parade and fireworks and the whole shebang. I’m sure they do that in New Jersey too, though.

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