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While on a conference call the other day, I was reminded by one of the participants about one of the best things on’s Page 2, Bill Simmons, aka the Sports Guy. Due to much of my “web” reading coming via an aggregator today and Page 2 doesn’t have RSS feeds for their columns, I had started to forget about Bill. The other big reason was due to his commitments to Jimmy Kimmel Live, he was writing on a rather infrequent basis.
Well, today, I decided to play a little catch up with Bill and boy was I glad I did. When I went to Page 2, I saw a link just for him and clicked over. Well, Bill is back in full force. First off, he now has his own url, Second, he is writing his normal columns, as well as a daily column, which is almost blog like, though he seems to be fighting that word tooth and nail. This all came about as he decided to leave Jimmy Kimmel Live.
So, what does this have to do with Boston? Well, Bill is originally from Boston. He lived here until he moved to California a couple of years ago for Jimmy Kimmel Live. He regularly agnonizes over the Sox and Celtics, celebrates the Patriots and pretty much ignores the Bruins (and all of hockey). It’s nice to see a little Boston perspective on a site like The other thing? He’s hilarious. He’s a pop culture buff who is constantly making references to shows like The Real World and other fads. Definitely a must-read, check him out.

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  1. Anonymous (unregistered) on July 28th, 2005 @ 3:12 pm

    For the ultimate Bill Simmons discussion, check out:

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