DNC = Do Not Care

Looks like the entire city of Boston is focused on the Democratic Convention this week … every local blog and new site is reporting about the bad treatment of the protestors, or the various speeches that are being given.
Personally, I took the week off. I have no car, and refuse to get on the Orange line without a good reason. The TV is on, but it’s showing old reruns of Star Trek right now.
I don’t really care too much about what happens, being a Brit, I can’t vote, I’m more worried about being hassled by the police and security “precautions” than I am about any terrorist activity. It seems any T stop is having “random” stop and searches, we’re constantly being buzzed by helicopters of various types, the roads are plauged with police.
So, I’m staying inside, or walking distance from the house and pretending none of this is happening :)

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