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Wind beneath my wings has a new beach guide.
As for my title, BEACHES, get it?! Hardee har har…
Eh. Sorry.


This is scary for many reasons. Not the least of which that the girl is only 26. But also b/c I never thought of Fort Point Channel as a particularly spooky area (although After Dark I probably wouldn’t hang out there alone). Obviously there is more going on and it was probably not a stranger crime situation.
But, still… yikes.

And so it begins

Well, moving hell has already shown some signs in my neighborhood, with no parking signs posted around. Last year, the Aug 31/Sept 1 scare went without notice. Luckily most students don’t have the cash to live in the South End. But, if you are in the Allston/Brighton area, I feel bad for you. Many moon ago when I moved out of Allston, I remember having to return on September 1st to drop off my keys. It probably took us 45 minutes to go what normally would take about 5 to go all the cars, double parked vehicles and moving vans. So, just in case you are new and haven’t experienced these two days before, stay away from anywhere where college students may live if you are driving.


Above all else, Boston has great donuts. I can’t remember the statistic offhand, but something like 600+ Dunkin’ Donuts have invaded the downtown area. In any case, I ran across another GREAT (and I mean that in the fullest extent possible) donut shop: Kane’s Donuts. Located in Saugus, this shop takes the art of donut creation to the next level. The donuts aren’t syrupy sweet (a la Krispy Kreme) nor are they processed mounds of dough (a la Dunkin’ Donuts). Rather, they’re the perfect blend of artisanship and taste; a veritable heaven of calories, fats, and….damn, they’re good. If you’re in the area, make sure you give them a call. (781) 233-8499 is the number and tell ’em that you found out about them here (or give Peter a “Hello!” for me). Thanks goes to Peter Delios, Operations Manager, for the simple pleasure of heavenly donuts.

Is It Too Early To Get Our Hopes Up?

Yes, there’s still a month to go before the post season. But after a series sweep versus Detroit capped off with today’s 6-1 rout and another Yankees loss to boot, things are certainly looking up for the Nation.
I know we’re all alone in the top spot for the AL wild card now, but the number I’m really looking at is 4.5 games back from the Yanks. How sweet would an AL East championship be? We can swing that, right?

Boston Aphorisms

Yesterday while burping thre baby, I watched George Stephanopoulos interview Senator Clinton on This Week. At one point he asked her about the connection between the Bush administration and the Swift Boat liars’ ads. Her response was something like: “If you find a turtle on a fencepost, you know he didn’t get there by accident.”
This was one of her husband’s favorite Southern aphorisms. The Clintons were always talking about dogs that won’t hunt, armless old men in a roomful of skeeters, and so on. Hearing the turtle on the fencepost again made me wonder. Are there any Boston aphorisms you like? Favorite old yankee aphorisms?

east, west, home’s best

Spent this past weekend in Seattle, a surprise trip I sprung on my boyfriend, which I had been planning along with his two roommates, so that we could attend PAX, a con for gamers and such. Great fun.
Seattle is a great city — the people are very friendly and we lucked out with the weather, which was gorgeous. The four of us, driving along, kept making jokes about how wide the roads were and how clean everything was. We even saw public water fountains (bubblers, for Boston natives)! When was the last time you saw one of those??
Still, as the plane came in over Boston and the harbor, I looked out the window and thought about how much I love the area. I love looking at Massachusetts from the air — it’s not in straight boxes like much of the country — it’s all jumbled together. Gives it more character, I think. All the lights twinkling below looked so pretty, and the full moon was shining on the harbor.
I was even happy to jump back into Logan traffic and get on the Pike. Those honking horns? Why, they were welcoming us back to Boston! They’re horns of love!
Okay, maybe not.

I *heart* NYC

It didn’t happen in Boston but it gives me hope to hear that more people then ever protested a Convention yesterday in New York City.
NPR has a good story about it (and the election as a whole) on Morning Edition today.

its hot so I’m rambling

Nothing really is more interesting than seeing the 4 different stretch Hummers in one hot ass night in Boston. I was also getting a little paranoid. Are there really that many in the city that I should see one in JP, 2 in central square, and another by Copley? People following me? Was something going on that I wasn’t aware of?

More Good News For Boston Moviegoers

Yet another cinematic event will be hitting the Boston area in the month of September in the form of resfest 2004, an international celebration of digital film. resfest is packed with films that are a little quirkier and “underground” than those being screened at the more mainstream Boston Film Festival, showcasing everything from shorts to music videos to graphic design projects.
Of particular interest this year is a program entitled “Bushwacked,” collecting twenty politically charged (and apparently all left-leaning) films, including one by Michael Moore entitled “Boom.” Another highlight is likely to be a retrospective on the work of music video director Jonathan Glazer, who has directed videos for such varied musicians as Radiohead, Jamiroquai, and UNKLE, as well as commercials for Levi’s and VW.
resfest 2004 takes over the Brattle Theater in Cambridge from September 17-19.
Also of interest to movie fans, today starts the two-week limited run of Donnie Darko: The Director’s Cut at the Brattle. Fans of the film know this is an opportunity not to be missed, and those who are unfamiliar with Richard Kelly’s amazing film are in for a treat.

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