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End of an era

Guess you all know by now that they took this down.
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I will kind of miss it. (the sign, not the curse!)

So they won …

Congrats go to the Red Sox and all that, but as a Brit, I just don’t get baseball. I’m sorry, but watching last nights game, the most exciting game *EVAH* had me bored after about 5 minutes. And no, I don’t like cricket either.

And what is all this rioting, car tipping and other crap all about? If you’re going to riot after a game, do it properly (

With all this stuff about the Sox in the news, it’s easy to forget that there is a huge event coming up very soon which everyone should be much more conerned about than some silly little game.

I mean come on, it’s Halloween on Sunday!

“its true this man has no d*ck”


The Last Time

New York Times, September 12, 1918:
“When Max Flack made a ludicrous muff of Whiteman’s line drive in the third inning at Fenway Park this afternoon two runs wafted over the plate, which gave the Red Sox the baseball championship of the world. The score was 2 to 1 and the 1918 triumph marks the the fifth world’s series that the Red Sox have brought to the high brow domicile of the baked bean. Boston is the luckiest baseball spot on earth, for it has never lost a world’s series….

Baseball’s valedictory this afternoon should have been played to the strains of Chopin’s Funeral MArch. The smallest gathering that ever saw the national game’s most imposing event sat silently about, and watch Boston win and Chicago lose. There was no wild demonstration of joy when the last man went out, and Stuffy McInnis, with the ball in his hand, led the scramle of the players to the clubhouse. No hero was proclaimed, no player got a ride on anyone’s shoulders, no star was patted on the back or madly cheered to a niche in baseball’s temple of fame. The finish was as uneventful as the last moment of a double-header in Brooklyn.

The gleaming sun did not shine this afternoon on the professional ball player who thrives and glories in the effervescent acclaim of popular approval. He was hidden behind murky clouds of indifference. Silent was the trumpet voice of the ribald fan, and still were the thundering echoes, which the ball tosser has always held as his own. After the game, the crowd filed out of the gates with about as much enthusiasm as a party of home folks trooping out of a poor moving picture show.”

Viva, Sox!

Just a post to say YAHOO! YIPPIEEE! YAY!

I feel happiest for the fans who have WAITED so patiently for this (and sometimes not so patiently) and who ALWAYS BELIEVED the Red Sox would do it.

True fans, I salute you! Enjoy the sweetness of BEING THE WINNERS!

There Is No Curse

Set aside whether or not you believe in curses, fairies, or Saddam’s WMD’s. Even if you do, the “facts” the curse is based on aren’t even true. Glenn Stout wrote a fantastic book that included detailed historical data about this years ago. But the curse meme persists.

If anything, it is the curse of all of the fine ballplayers of african ancestry who were kept out of Fenway — the Sox were the last major league team to integrate — with Pumpsiee Green in 1959. Howard Bryant’s recent book explains the history of racism and Red Sox.

We’re So Irish

According to Robert Sullivan’s latest statistical offering in MassInc.’s Commonwealth Magazine, Massachusetts is very Irish.

“German is the most common ancestral group in the US…but in Massachusetts, Germans represented only 5.9 percent of the population…Massachusetts is the most Irish state in the nation in 2000, with 22.5 percent of the Bay State respondents claiming ties to the Emerald Isle. “

This isn’t a big surprise if you’ve spent much time in Southie — where even the Ianello’s and Cristaldo’s claim Irish heritage.

Also in the fall issue of the magazine, Sullivan (with Greg Leiserson) presents some revealing data on the campaign appearances of George Bush and John Kerry. He maps the candidate’s town hall and speechifying events against his 10 Regions of US Politics, more usful than the simple red and blue states model. Great stuff.

Pick Any Two

If you could only have two out of the three Boston victories, which would you choose?

  • Kerry wins White House
  • Sox win World Series
  • Patriots win Superbowl

I’d take the Sox and Kerry and let the Krafts suck it up.

What if you could only have one of the three?

I’d reluctantly take Kerry and remember warmly the ALCS victory. Your choice?

Once more with feeling

Tonight at the Coolidge Corner Theater at midnight they are having a free showing of the Buffy musical episode as a sing-a-long complete with subtitles and vampire teeth! Grrr!

Schilling’s Top Ten

Curt Schilling delivered the Top Ten secrets of the Red Sox comeback on Letterman last night and they were metsa-metsa. What would be on your list? I’ll start:
10. McCarver’s new rule making “a walk as good as a home run”

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