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These little town blues
Are melting away
I’ll make a brand new start of it
In old New York, New York!


Still, we believe

When I was about 10 or 11, I played girls’ softball in my small town. (Kind of like Little League, but for girls and softball instead of baseball). One game we played in, I did something really dumb that cost us the game; I don’t remember the exact details, but I dropped a ball I totally should have been able to catch, or let it go through my legs — something like that.

I was devastated. I took that stuff pretty seriously and I felt like such a loser for making such a dumb error. I cried on the way home, and my dad comforted me with the story of Bill Buckner in the 1986 World Series, this man who played professional baseball for a living and yet still let a ball go through his legs and cost the Red Sox the series, which stopped me from crying and made me feel not-so-bad about my error. That was probably the first time I had heard of the infamous curse, what it meant and all the mistakes and pitfalls made in the post-1918 World Series that made Red Sox’s losing inevitable.

Mmm. Crow.

Okay, so I didn’t completely BELIEVE they would do it. And now, THEY DID! I am very happy but I am not a total sports fan so someone else has to write something great that will express all our love and devotion. Come on, Sports Fans! I am skeptical that we even know what to do without our hearts CRUSHED INTO TINY BITS! But, I think we could learn how to just be HAPPY.

Ya think?

God bless Johnny Damon, and his hair.

Earfull returns

This is a great thing started by Jen Trynin who I worship (do you have her CD, GUNSHYTRIGGERHAPPY? Well, why not?) and has been going on for a few years. It is starting up again next Tuesday, October 26th at the Paradise:

Writers Reading, Songwriters Singing

Tuesday, October 26 at 8:30pm at the Paradise Lounge (Boston).

Presented by Newtonville Books and Q Division Records.

Literary sensation Tom Perrotta (Little Children) will be the evening

There are some lights and they never go on

About a week ago I noticed that a good 6 to 8 streetlights on my street (in JP) are burned out. When I first saw one out, I thought “oh, weird” but then I noticed they were out all the way up the hill towards my house and as far past it as I could see.

This is not very comforting as
a) I am a single girl who sometimes walks home alone after dark
b) the curve of street past my house is Really Very Dark

I called NStar on Friday (did you know they have a phone number JUST for burnt out streetlights?) and left my name and phone number. So far, lights still out and no word from the big wigs. How long should this take? Is there something else I can do?

In The Dark (eh, too easy, I know)

Copley Coincidence

According to this Globe story, John Kerry wants to celebrate (or, gawd forbid give his concession speech) in Copley Square on election night.

Personally, Copley Square is my favorite spot in Boston. I virtually grew up in the library and when my wife and were first dating, we used to meet in front the Pratt statue “Science”. I wasted hours in high school sneakily exploring the Hancock tower(those days are gone forever thanks to Osama bin Laden, I’m sure). I’ve watched the marathon finish from Boylston. Copley Square is Boston.

The article says:

Kerry campaign aides reportedly visited Boston in recent weeks to scout locations for an election night celebration, including the FleetCenter, the new Convention and Exhibition Center, and Fenway Park. Copley Square emerged as the top choice because of its proximity to commuter trains and subways, as well as hotel rooms for the thousands who are expected to work at or attend the event.

That all makes sense. But the poorly-written short story writer hidden in my brain, can’t shake the connection to the Copley Plaza Hotel. Frederick Kerry, John’s paternal grandfather, committed suicide in the Plaza’s restroom in November 1921. John Kerry’s father, Richard, was only 6 years old at the time. This kind of trauma can leave a psychological mark on any family. Is it possible that there is a connection to the choice of Copley Square?

Lost in Boston

Apparently, our town has a new “theme song.” This brief in the local hotel magazine links to Art Garfunkel’s jazz doppleganger Bert Seager‘s new ditty “Lost in Boston.”

This once again makes my point about our town’s masochism. He basically just bitches about how hard it is to get around, how crappy our baseball team is, and how great and homey that is — all in a moon, June, swoon manner. The best part is that he had the audacity to try to get the Sox to play the song at games and to ask the convention folks to promote it.

Listen if you dare (mp3).

If you don’t laugh, you might cry.

They just love to be the underdogs, don’t they?

I think it’s all sort of exausting.

Please don’t hurt me.

Life is Good Pumpkin Festival

On Saturday, October 23rd from 11am-9pm on the Boston Common, the Life is good

Let’s Go Sox

Hey, so did you know that Curt Schilling won’t be pitching in Game 5? I totally had no idea because it’s totally not on the news anywhere (/sarcasm).

I plan on staying in tonight — I want to save myself some money and catch up on some knitting. Will I watch the game? I do not know. I’m not feeling very optimistic about it, but, then again, these games can be exciting, and I don’t want to miss anything.

Most people I’ve talked to are feeling very, very down about it. It’s so different from last year, when everybody was sure we were going to do it. Now I hear, “Oh, I just can’t watch the game, it’s too painful.”

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