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One In 3 Boston Event

Dear 20-34 Year-Old Bostonians,

Please come to the RealTalk Forum and reception at Silvertone tomorrow night!

In this issue…

Keeping You Connected
RealTalk Forum Presents a Panel about Election 2004: Did My Vote Matter?

RealTalk Forum Presents a Panel about Election 2004: Did My Vote Matter?

The fifth in a series of forums to discuss issues that affect the lives of young adult Bostonians, this discussion will focus on recapping the November 2nd presidential election. Topics to be covered include:

Is the nation really that divided?
Who voted and why?
What does it mean to live in a blue state?
What’s next for President Bush and Senator Kerry and the future of the nation?

Date: TOMORROW, Tuesday, November 30th

Time: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Location: Suffolk University Law School, 120 Tremont Street

Nearest T Station: Park Station on the Green and Red Lines

RSVP: or by calling 617- 742-6800 ext. 131

Please join us for a post-discussion reception at Silvertone Restaurant. Food will be provided.

Whack Your Boss

Found this post early this morning on metafilter, if you’re having a bad day today, why not whack your boss. Just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Whack your boss comes from the guy who owns I’m not kidding.

Thankfully, I won’t be commuting too far today, and I’m looking forward to a gloriously fattening weekend. Our office closes at 3 pm, hoping I can get out earlier. The weather’s going to suck this weekend, but it won’t matter. My fat butt will be getting fatter. Regretfully, I’m flying out of Logan on Monday morning at some ungodly hour… The joys of business travel.

I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Eat. Drink. Be Merry.

I’m praying for surf this thanksgiving.

wake up a 4am.
surf all day.
grab some turkey before bed.

ahhh thank you.

Phoenix: Best of

The Best of Boston according to the Boston Phoenix (does anyone really read this anymore?) is out now.

Some guys I know won best local band again, and they are fun. Otherwise I didn’t spend a ton of time checking it out, but it might be a good resource.

I am off to Vermont in the travelling throng tomorrow – so hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Count your blessings, we are lucky people.

As if the tickets weren’t already expensive enough…

Prices are going up, up, up and away at Fenway.

They are going to add more seats, but overall, seats will be more expensive.

I have not been to a game in quite awhile — I could only go when my dad took me, since he would pay for the ticket. It makes me sad that tickets have become so expensive, but since Fenway is so small, games do sell out, and people will pay that amount. In other words, the market supports such high prices.

For the most part I am against building a new baseball field in Boston, because I love Fenway (and the thought of having something like “THE VERIZON CENTER” makes me want to cry). But maybe it is the only way.

The Virgin Mary in Cheese

The now infamous Virgin Mary in Grilled Cheese has been sold for $28,000. I think Bostonians should cash in on the Red Sox World Championship in a similar way – perhaps we should be E-baying Johnny Damon hair in a Fenway Frank. Veritek sat here toilet seats. Ortiz wiped his nose with this tissue. The possibilities are endless! And think of the benefits that cash might bring – perhaps we can give Fenway a facelift

Lee Harvey Oswald Video Game

There’s a new video game out which lets you be Lee Harvey Oswald. Sick and twisted. I’m just waiting for World of Warcraft to come out this week, so while I’m full of turkey and stuffing I can kill some orcs. Much more humane, don’t you think?

Another Monday in the cube farm, thankfully we get to look forward to watching the Pats tonight, and its a wonderfully short week. When does the great student migration begin? I’m looking forward to finding a parking spot on Friday. I’ll be staying in town this year, one of the benefits of dating a ‘native’.

This weekend’s craptacular weather was a blessing. I spent too much time on the couch, at the Cambridgside Galleria and watching Spongebob Squarepants. Fantastic movie. Two blunts up.

This is my first Metroblogging post, and I’d like to thank Sean and Jay for letting me post on this site. Hopefully, I’ll be more creative and less de-caffeinated in the days to come.

Religion! College! Stress! Eek!

Evan: Can religion mollify the stressed college student? Evan investigates! Here with us today is God. Hiya, God.
God: Hey, Evan.
Evan: Now, God. You don’t mind if I call you “God,” do you?
God: Yahweh’s a-okay with me.
Evan: Hah, hah! But, seriously, God: do you think you affect the composure of our future?
God: Well, this “Valerie Sullivan” said, if I recall, that three thousand of religious students “who integrated spirituality into their lives experienced significantly lower levels of psychological distress…compared with students who had little or no involvement in spiritual or religious activities.”
Evan: Wow, I didn’t know you could ellipse like that!
God: It’s a thing I do.
Evan: But what would crazy bearded secularists say?
God: Mr. Dan Dennett said that people could “meditate” to produce “mood stabilizers,” if they want to. Whatever that means.
Worrywart Student [Staring at a paper in his hand.]: Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!
God: Yes?
W.S.: Oh, not you. I was just, y’know–just–
God: Just what?

[Awkward silence.]

Evan: Did you know that David Ortiz was considering coming out of retirement?

Plug That Leak, update.

Four more panels have been found which have defects exactly similar to “that [which] caused a major leak in the tunnel in September.”

The Turnpike Authority’s consultant, Mr. George Tamaro, says that “the defect that caused the September leak occurred in a portion of the wall when one contractor, Perini Corp., finished work and a second contractor, Modern, began.”

From the article:

When Modern began work on that section, they failed to remove the overflow concrete. As they poured their own concrete, dirt and other debris was compressed against the dried concrete creating a long narrow defect. Over time the non-concrete material washed away, causing the leak.

Tamaro’s investigation discovered Perini had hired an expert in that type of wall construction, and Modern hadn’t.

Plug that leak

Hearing about the leaks in the tunnel is FREAKING me out.

I saw the unbelievably lame Daylight a few years ago on TV, and even though the movie was lame, lame, lame, the thought of a tunnel collapsing or flooding made me want to never drive in a tunnel again. Even now, I try to go as fast as I can through tunnels. And now, not only do I worry about leaks and that kind of thing, I always think about how easy it would be to car-bomb a tunnel. But I’ll shut up about that before the Secret Service raids my office.

I guess the stunning incompetence of contractors working on state contracts shouldn’t surprise me anymore, because this kind of thing happens in Massachusetts all the time, but I was still pretty surprised when I heard about these leaks. What the fuck, people? Why is the Big Dig such a freaking headache? Why are there problems all the goddamn time?

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