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Snow is a party. I’ve been building forts in my living room all week, eating popcorn and watching surf DVD’s. Anything to remind this Florida boy what summer is. I drove through the shit this weekend going to DC to see the Hoover reunion show. Took 12 hours but was worth it. I Love 4×4’s, we got there safe and sound. Came home to no power or heat in my apartment. That was RAD!

California here I come. Hey SF do you need a writers?

Bowl Bound

Your New England Patriots are headed back to the Super Bowl!

Too bad “Lar-ry Sum-mers” didn’t become a Red Sox chant.

When folks around campus kept mentioning that there was a dirty bomb threat, no one laughed when I said that it was just the possibility that The Stendalls were thinking about a reunion tour. Odd

Also, while everyone’s getting their knickers in a twist-and-shout over Larry Summers’ deconstructed-as-hell “women-are-innately-inferior” comment, why not head over to The Crimson and see the fully threshed out discussion itself?

Friday Night Funk n Soul

If you’re looking for something to do this Friday night, the boys in Blacksnake are playing over at the DeVille Lounge at Kings. The guys put on a great live show with a good mix of funk, soul and rock n roll.

Snow and parking spaces

It’s funny the difference between The City and The Suburbs when it comes to snow season.

This time last year, I lived in Jamaica Plain, and had no off street parking. The roads were tight, and when the plows went through your car vanished in a pile of sludgy grey snow.

Digging the car out and marking your spot with a chair is pretty common, and as has been noted before, annoying as hell when a limited number of spaces are available and people are marking them when there is no need to do so.

This year is different. I now live in Lynn, about 30 miles north of the city. The roads a wider, there is more access to off street parking, and I haven’t seen a single chair, filing cabinet, traffic cone or other object stealing spaces on the road side.

So, is it a greed thing? “My parking spot, my precious”

Who knows. I only know I’m glad to get well away from it!

Search Underway for Terrorists in Boston

The Globe has as story about a supposed terrorist threat here in Beantown. We’re supposed to be on the lookout for four Chinese people and two Iraqis who may be carrying a dirty bomb.

I don’t know how much credence to give such a story. Why would anyone attack Boston? I know lots of folks are annoying Red Sox fans now that we’ve won the series, and, yes, if Pittsburgh plays as poorly against the Pats as they did against the Jets, we should be going to the SuperBowl soon, but, what does Boston have that could be exploited by terrorists? Fanuiel Hall? The Pru? MIT? Harvard? As long as its not the Sevens or the B-side, I think we’re safe.

Get a life, willya?

I return from the dark to be petty and complain about people who save their parking space after a storm. Don’t get me wrong — if there’s a huge storm, it takes a couple of hours to dig out your car, it’s a total pain in the ass and nothing is more irritating than spending three hours digging out your car so you can go to the supermarket, only to come back to find that some jerk has taken the spot you just dug out.

No, I’m talking about the people who save the spot weeks after the storm. Unless three feet has fallen, and it’s been freezing cold ever since, the snow usually melts and spaces free up. Maybe not all of them, of course, but such is the hazards of parking in the city.

I take the bus to work now, and so I’m not driving every day. I left my car in a spot for almost all of last week and finally got around to clearing it off yesterday. Of course, when I came back from the supermarket, some wise guy had put a trash can and traffic cone in the spot. Not that I really minded, because there was plenty of parking, but how petty. You do not own the spot directly in front of your house!

Also, I am really, really glad I don’t live where parking is extremely tight, like Southie or Back Bay. Yay, Brighton!


Happy New Year, all.

Not much to report from me, but if you have a blog consider adding Google adsense and pledging your January earnings to Blog Aid or another likewise organization.

We are very blessed here; no waves have washed away our homes, loved ones, and everything we had. I hope we can all manage to be generous for those who are not so lucky now.

It’s 2005 – How was your New Year?

Boston Online has some pictures of New Year’s in the Hub. I only have a couple of pictures of a private party that I attended. Thankfully, I’m never in the photos :) They don’t really warrant posting here.

My better half has a bit of a stomach bug, so we didn’t stay out late, and we’ll probably do a whole lotta nothing today.

Sure is pretty outside, though. Days like this make me wish I was in my apartment instead of out here in the Burbs.

It’s 50 degrees outside, makes you wonder why I shoveled any snow at all.

Of course the big piles of black snow will last until June, but that’s just normal.

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