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Filene’s Go Bye-Bye?

Is the all-mighty buying power which is WalMart really such a threat to other stores? That’s why Filene’s may be no more – they need to compete with the megasuperultrastores. This is the same excuse for why Gilette was bought by P&G. When will the revoltion take place – when will the smaller stores make Walmart shake in its boots? I’ll sign up. But for now, I need more Starbucks.

More freakin snow?

Do we really have to endure more freakin snow? Haven’t we been punished enough, or is this just some kind of karmic payback for having the Red Sox and the Patriots both win world championships? I’m off to North Carolina in an hour or so, where it will be raining, so I don’t really care, but I’m not looking forward to shoveling when I get back.

Someone posted about NYC’s the Gates earlier on this blog, has everyone seen the Somerville Gates? Clever stuff which shows how fast a little creativity can give you 15 minutes of fame on the internet(s). I, too, went to NYC to see the Gates – and I ran into a bunch of friends there from Boston. Funny how an outdoor art exhibition can bring so many people together.

Isn’t it about time that Boston had its own outdoor art festival? Or is there one that I don’t know about.

san fran not boston


Still in san francisco, and I don’t miss the boston weather. I surfed today in the thinest wet suit I own, shure beats the 6/5 with hood booties and gloves I was wearing in NH two weeks before. No ice cream headaches and hour sessions because you can’t feel your fingers.

I don’t wanna come back.

The Gates.

I took the $40 (round trip) Greyhound to New York and back yesterday to see The Gates. It was relatively easy (though a long day) and I am glad I went. Am sure the NYC blog has much more to say about it, but we are the next closest city to NY, so there ya go.

Now, I go back to the sheer unparalleled JOY which is job hunting. Anyone know of any good Boston based job sites I should try?

Boston Scholastic Art Awards

Every year, an incredible collection of middle-and-high school artistry makes it way to the second floor of the State Transportation Building. It’s open 9-5 on weekdays, 12-5 on weekends.

If you can’t make it to the actual exhibit itself, check out the brief slideshow the Globe’s put up on their page.

Link to the article.

Derrida Has A Lobster Telephone!

If you guys’re either into Derrida or surrealism (or Fafblog!) there looks like there’s going to be an interesting lecture later today. I’m going to go check it out and, hopefully, blog it.

Wed., Feb. 16-“Autour des marges: Jacques Derrida (1930-2004) and the Philosophical Intelligence of Surrealisme.” (Humanities Center) Michael Stone Richards, Stonehill College. Room 114, Barker Center, 7 p.m.

The Penguins are Coming!

LinuxWorld Expo hits the Hynes Convention Center next week. Be prepared for penguin logos and geeks everywhere.

The conference portion of the show starts Monday morning and the Exhibit Hall is open from Tuesday through Thursday. Exhibit Hall is open from 10AM-5PM Tuesday and Wednesday and then 10AM to 4PM on Thursday. Come see the latest in Linux Technology! I’ll be working in my company’s booth on the Exhibit Hall floor all week, so stop by and say hi!

The Metroblogging Center?

According to this article at, the Fleet Center is auctioning off the naming rights for the building on a 24 hour basis for about 2 weeks. Bidding started at only $25 dollars this morning. This is an opportunity to get your name in lights, if you can pony up some cash. So, what do you guys think of the Center? :)


We should have a Meetup, folks–to get to know each other better, reinvigorate the process, to get a better feel of what to expect in regard to our blogging, and to find an excuse to get out among the snowpiles.

So, I throw the ball to you guys: where shall it be? Redbones in Davis? Something on Charles Street?

Update: Looks like there’ll be a few week hiatus before a meetup can take place, so stay tuned.


I hope people show up downtown today. I think we all expected this outcome, so there was no drama. Coupled with the sox win only 4 months ago, Boston sports fans are drained. I don’t think spoiled, just emotionaly drained.

Either way, enjoy it while it lasts, how easy we forget the futile efforts of past teams. It was fun to watch the ride, they are easy to root for, for a sports team they have a lot of class.

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