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Brockton Rox

I recently moved to Brockton, MA and while the city has traditionally had a “rough” reputation, I’m very impressed with the progress it’s made over the past 5 years. One of the biggest things the city has done was bring in the Rox, a fun-loving minor league baseball team owned by Bill Murray. The team won their league’s championship last year and brought in 45-year-old Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd this year who drew a crowd of 4200 on a cloudy Memorial Day. Compared to big league club; tickets start at $4, the stadium caters to families, and the baseball is great.

Take it Nice and Easy

Awesome band alert! Tomorrow night at PA’s in Sommerville.

Come early for a great line-up on the last night of their PAs Lounge residency.

Hoboes are hard to beat, but we’ve saved our best costumes for this
Thursday/26. 345 Somerville Ave., Union Square. $6 21+. Get our new 8-song EP!

8:45 UV Protection
9:45 The Tardy
10:45 Nice & Easy
11:45 Rocketscience

The Tardy features one of NE’s favorite all-time drummers Stephanie Melikian, also of Operator-fame, and our incomparably talented pal Jef Czejak (Sinkcharmer, Plunge Into Death, mark e. moon, etc.) UV and Rocketscience were March and April’s cover stories in The Noise.

Seriously, no excuses tomorrow.

Ticket Scalping

[I wrote this prior to the Playoffs last year and am still amazed how little attention ticket scalpers receive outside of Fenway Park. I went to a game this weekend and scalpers and Boston Police happily wandered together through the crowds.]

August 31, 2004, my 26th birthday. The Angels were in town for a wildcard “race” game a month before the end of the season. I admit Sox nation was pretty excited at the time as the Sox had an incredible August. I decided that morning I would take my wife and another couple out to Fenway to see the game. The game was obviously sold out and the only way to get tickets would be to buy some off of scalpers before the game.

Should We Talk About the Weather?

Is it just me, or is this the coldest May in history? Next weekend is Memorial Day for cring out loud, and we still have temperatures in the mid-50s. This ain’t right. I’m supposed to be planting tomatoes and peppers this weekend, but I’m afraid its far too cold for them!

Do you like Jamaica Pond? Steve Garfield sure does!

A new library has opening in Harvard Square – made up entirely of ‘zines. Great story about it here

I have now seen Episode III – Revenge of the Sith – twice. Once on opening day in Manhattan, and … a few minutes ago on the Common. I’m a huge Star Wars fan, and will be even after having seen the prequels. The New Yorker has the best review of the movie to date. It might actually be the best movie review I’ve ever read in my life. Why isn’t Boston Magazine more like the New Yorker? Is that by design? Are we not big enough to require a large, literary publication?

Charity Poker Game

The BSSC is holding a Charity Texas Hold ‘Em night benefitting the Children’s Room. It’s tomorrow, and information can be found by following the link.

I’m ALL IN! (with a pair of deuces!)

If I play Poker like ‘Tek hits homers, I’ll be rich! A wealthy miser!

Green Line Extension

As reported today in the Boston Globe, the Green Line is going to be getting an extension into Somerville and West Medford. They are also extending commuter rail (Fairmont line) into Dorchester, Mattapan and Hyde Park.

Two things that won’t be happening, according to the article, are a connection between the Red and Blue lines, and the reinstatement of the Arborway trolley through Jamaica Plain.

Any extensions and expansions of Boston’s ‘T’ are welcomed in my book. Getting onto the Red Line from the Blue Line would make commuting to the airport via public transportation much more accessible. The trolley system in JP would make it much easier to get to that funky part of town. Extending the Green Line sounds like a good idea, but will the ‘B’ train continue to stop every 15 feet?

I’m moving to Hyde Park at the end of July, so I’m happy about more commuter rail trains stopping there.

Anyone think this is a bad idea? What are the cons of extending public transportation in the Hub? I can’t think of a single one.

Boston Wi-Fi Summit on May 19th : Open Invitation

Information is here: universalhub

And you can register here

BostonWAG wants to establish internet access via open wireless, hopefully all over Boston. I think some other cities are working on this, San Franciscolisting of WiFi hotspots all over Boston.

Don’t make way for geese?

There’s an interesting story in the globe which you can read here: globe about a man who stomped on some geese, killing them.

Ugh. That’s just twisted and sick.

Yankees… how we love to hate them

Ah the New York Yankees. Boston’s biggest rival. One of the greatest rivalries in sports. I’m not going to say anything about their recent games, because has already said it

U2 Ticket Giveaway

Warning: Shameless self promotion to follow

My site, Project Bravo is giving away a pair of U2 tickets for the Boston show in October. What better way to spend an evening than with Bono softly serenading you while in the comfort of your free seats? I’ve seen U2 live just once (this will be my second) and I’ve got to say they put on an impressive performance.

If you’re interested, check out the contest page and send in your 300-word entry (or alternatively entertaining item).

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