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Mash Ave

If the word was in the dictionary, Webster would define “Mashups” as 2 or more songs combined to make 1 funkilicious new song. The Boston Globe recently said, “At first it sounds like a radio broadcast caught between two stations.” The music genre was popularized by DJ Dangermouse’s Grey Album, a mashup of Jay-Z’s Black and the Beatles’ White albums and immediately caused the record industry to send out several cease-and-desist letters.

Fortunately for you, you can experience this growing art form (lawyer free) right here in Boston (well close, Union Square). Mash Ave at the Independent features 4 DJs spinning “only the finest mashups and bootlegs from across the globe.” A casual attitude and smooth beats are common on Friday nights and for some seriously specialrific mashes, don’t miss the return of Lenlow on July 15th.

summer time is here, red tide… be damned!

With all of the crazy springtime weather, I think we can finally say that summertime is here. My favorite summerime activities in Boston? Beaches and clam shacks!

Since I moved to Salem recently, I’ve been checking out the North Shore for the little whole bellied delicacies. There are definitely the favorites out there.. The Clam Box in Ipswich and Woodman’s in Essex spring to mind. One of my favorite spots though is Red Rock Bistro on the water in Swampscott. The restaurant inside is pricy (tasty! but sometimes not what I’m looking for while covered in sweat and sand).. but the takeout window is the place to be. They will serve you fried clams in a proper paper bag (they also have great ice cream!) and you can either enjoy them at the tables provided, or you can walk 20 feet and enjoy a great ocean view at Swampscott Beach. I enjoy this beach alot.. plenty of space and easy access.

Want to venture out a little further? The Lobster Pool in Rockport has amazing views on the water, it is also BYOS (Bring Your Own Spirits) and they have homemade pie. The outside tables are also dog friendly if you’ve been hiking around with fido on Cape Ann for the day. Beaches I like? Good Harbor Beach or check this guide for other Cape Ann spots.

My advise? Get out there, explore and frolic! This is just the tip of the iceberg (and only the North Shore!) as far as great beaches and clams in the Boston area. The North Shore is completely accessable by the MBTA as well…

oh.. and a side note… best fried oysters on the North Shore? Finz, hands down. But thats a whole other entry!

Free Flicks at the Hatch Shell

Keeping up with the free stuff to do this summer, WBZ has announced it’s Free Friday Flicks at the Hatch Shell. This happens most Fridays through Labor Day Weekend. Movies start at sundown. Seems like they have some good stuff this summer.

Fleet Homelink to Bank of America Switch Over

So, this past weekend, Bank of America switched all Massachusetts Fleet customers who had been using Homelink over to Bank of America’s Online Banking. So, without going in to a complete rant (which I have already done on my personal blog, multiple times), what’s everyone’s impressions of the cutover and the new online banking system?

Free Summer Concerts @ Copley

This got passed on to me by a friend today.

Mark your calendars; the Summer Concerts at Copley Square is back! Starting July 14th at 5:30pm and continuing for the next five consecutive Thursdays, come down to Copley Square park after work to enjoy some free live music with a few thousand of your friends. What could be better?

July 14th- Ari Hest & The Shore
July 21st- Maia Sharp & Mike Doughty
July 28th- Aimee Mann & Tracy Bonham
August 4th- deSol
August 11th- Carbon Leaf
August 18th- John Butler Trio & Antigone Rising

I recently saw deSol for the first time and they were very good. John Butler Trio is also highly recommended (though I haven’t seen them in about 2 years).

MIT Weblog Survey

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

Are you a blogger? Take the MIT Weblog Survey. It’s good for you!

I wrote mainly about my other blogs, but this community blog (i.e. metroblogging et al) is really catching on.

Happy Father’s Day!

Today is Father’s Day, a holiday in this country that goes back to a Sunday morning in May of 1909, when a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd was sitting in church in Spokane, Washington, listening to a Mother’s Day sermon. She thought of her father who had raised her and her siblings after her mother died in childbirth, and she thought that fathers should get recognition too.

So she asked the minister of the church if he would deliver a sermon honoring fathers on her father’s birthday, which was coming up in June, and the minister did. And the tradition of Father’s Day caught on, though rather slowly. Mother’s Day became an official holiday in 1914; Father’s Day, not until 1972.

Mother’s Day is still the busiest day of the year for florists, restaurants and long distance phone companies. Father’s Day is the day on which the most collect phone calls are made.

It was Strindberg who said, “That is the thankless position of the father in the family

Bunker Hill Day?

Today is Bunker Hill Day? What gives? The only thing I’ve noticed that is celebrating this day is the Boston Public Library, which is closed near me. Anyone…erm, celebrating?

We’re Number One!

It’s written up in the Globe and its the cover piece of the Bosto n Herald. No one tokes more than the Hub.

The data for the study is a bit outdated, but in a community with 1.25 Gigawatts of College Students – don’t you think its pretty obvious that this area will be a little above average in the smoking pot and drinking cheap beer categories?

Now pass the bong…. Sox game starts in 4 hours…

Catching Up

I haven’t posted in a couple of days – mainly because things have been really busy of late. Work’s a bitch, blah blah blah, but more importantly, I got engaged. To be married. To a real-life woman. She’s the super coolest, and I’m very happy and very lucky. Exceedingly lucky.

A couple of things I don’t really get about the engagment/marriage thing:

1) Why do people ask about dates and places on the same day we got engaged? That’s just silly. Can’t we enjoy at least 24 hours of being engaged?

2) Why do women want to talk about dates and places right away? I set a hard limit of seven days after the engagement when we would not talk about the marriage at all. I thought this was fair, not only did I have to do a lot of secretive planning to pull off the engagement, but for crying out loud, I’m only going to be engaged once but I’ll be married for freakin’ ever. Can’t we enjoy calling each other “fiancee” for a bit? What’s a normal amount of time to be engaged? People are all telling me its less than a year….

3) I can’t even begin to start ranting about the ring. Why do girls get a ring, and guys get … nothing? No symbol anywhere on me. She walks around with a rock on her finger, so theoretically people know that she’s taken. But I’m still wearing dirty jeans and a Pearl Jam t-shirt. No symbolism there!

I’d better stop, I’ll get in trouble. Let me remind you that I’m exceedingly happy, and lucky, I’m just unfamiliar with these strange social ideals.

Did you know there’s a Craigs list for Western Mass which I found in a posting at Diesel Sweeties. Odd the ways we find information on the interets, ain’t it?

I can’t begin to harp on the weather. But, if I must, let me just say, this sucks. It won’t be higher than 55 today. It’s mid-June for crying out loud!

I’m off to see our beloved Sox play the Pirates this Friday – its the first game I’ll be going to this season, and perhaps the last. Sucks that tickets are so hard to get – or so expensive they might as well be unavailable. Thank God for NESN.

Speaking of NESN – are there other markets in the US that have something NESN-like? Or is NESN a unique flower in a world dominated by ESPN and FOX (gag!) Sports?

Oh no! Jazz Oasis has just started on WERS which means I should stop screwing around and get to work!

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