Catching Up

I haven’t posted in a couple of days – mainly because things have been really busy of late. Work’s a bitch, blah blah blah, but more importantly, I got engaged. To be married. To a real-life woman. She’s the super coolest, and I’m very happy and very lucky. Exceedingly lucky.

A couple of things I don’t really get about the engagment/marriage thing:

1) Why do people ask about dates and places on the same day we got engaged? That’s just silly. Can’t we enjoy at least 24 hours of being engaged?

2) Why do women want to talk about dates and places right away? I set a hard limit of seven days after the engagement when we would not talk about the marriage at all. I thought this was fair, not only did I have to do a lot of secretive planning to pull off the engagement, but for crying out loud, I’m only going to be engaged once but I’ll be married for freakin’ ever. Can’t we enjoy calling each other “fiancee” for a bit? What’s a normal amount of time to be engaged? People are all telling me its less than a year….

3) I can’t even begin to start ranting about the ring. Why do girls get a ring, and guys get … nothing? No symbol anywhere on me. She walks around with a rock on her finger, so theoretically people know that she’s taken. But I’m still wearing dirty jeans and a Pearl Jam t-shirt. No symbolism there!

I’d better stop, I’ll get in trouble. Let me remind you that I’m exceedingly happy, and lucky, I’m just unfamiliar with these strange social ideals.

Did you know there’s a Craigs list for Western Mass which I found in a posting at Diesel Sweeties. Odd the ways we find information on the interets, ain’t it?

I can’t begin to harp on the weather. But, if I must, let me just say, this sucks. It won’t be higher than 55 today. It’s mid-June for crying out loud!

I’m off to see our beloved Sox play the Pirates this Friday – its the first game I’ll be going to this season, and perhaps the last. Sucks that tickets are so hard to get – or so expensive they might as well be unavailable. Thank God for NESN.

Speaking of NESN – are there other markets in the US that have something NESN-like? Or is NESN a unique flower in a world dominated by ESPN and FOX (gag!) Sports?

Oh no! Jazz Oasis has just started on WERS which means I should stop screwing around and get to work!

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