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Boston edition of Revealed

Thanks to Sean for the suggestion about this photo contest. Basically, you post a picture from somewhere around town, and the comments serve as a forum for people to guess where the photo was taken. Sounds simple? This can be fun if we are creative enough, so here goes:

An easy one to start so there’s plenty of room for improvement.

“I Miss Boston!”

My son and I visited friends in New York City this week, doing all the fun stuff with them that you do in New York — Broadway show, Central Park, Times Square, dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum, comets at the Planetarium.

It was terrific, ...I thought … but he chimed up with a “I miss Boston!” about three times in three days. Go figure. The kid is a Bostonian through and through now.

Go on, put a cork in it.

To alleviate some confusion: It may soon be legal in Massachusetts for restaurant patrons to take home unused portions of wine from dinner. Being in the restaurant business, I always hate to be the jerk that says, “no, sir or madam, I’m afraid you can’t take that with you.”

The logic is simple: If you aren’t forced to finish the bottle at the restaurant, you are less likely to drive while impaired. It would save lives, claim some. Others are more suspicious, alluding to the lifting of the restriction as a trap to enforce open container laws. That shouldn’t cause you any trouble with your leftover wine, as long as you obey some simple guidelines:

When you leave with your leftover wine, make sure it is securely corked. Put it in a bag, and stash it in your trunk. If you get pulled over (assuming you aren’t legally impaired,) the state will not be able to prosecute you for an open container violation if the bottle is tightly closed and out of reach.

826 BOS?

Yo, Boston.

A ragtag group of vagabonds is slowly pulling everything together to apply to become a Boston branch of 826 Valencia.

What is 826 Valencia? A non-profit writing center for kids 6-18 that offers the community a myriad of possibilities, including:

free workshops, one-on-one drop-in tutoring, field trips, after-school workshops, in-school tutoring, help for English language learners, assistance with student publications (conceived, written, and created by the students), and adult seminars

Right now we’re shooting to open up shop in ’07 (and in the process of discussing possible locations), but we’ve a ways to go before that happens. We need people who know the local school districts really well, experienced educators, volunteers, local artists, copyeditors, fundraisers — anyone willing to lend a hand. Would y’mind helping out? Any little bit we’d love. Leave a comment, or drop Kevin an email at kjfenney at fas dot harvard dot edu.

(826 Application.)

Tuesday night in Cambridge

Hey, come out to tomorrow and see my fabulous friends The Invisible Rays play at TT The Bears in Cambridge.

Should be fun and fabulous with good music and what is better than that? The Rays go on first at 9:15 followed by Major Stars and Kinski.

See you there!

Back Where He Belongs

Tito announced today Curt Schilling will return to the starting rotation on Thursday night. And a collective sigh of relief was heard across Red Sox Nation.

Boston restauranteur slammed by BeerAdvocate

This article may have flown under the radar for most people, including me.

You know, it’s not easy to try to spread the word about better beer. Take for example a fluffy Herald piece on Todd English’s recent endorsement of Anheuser-Busch’s new Michelob brand, “The Gourmet Lager” – English of course being the highly egotistical restaurateur, chef and TV personality from Boston who brought us Olives, Figs and the like. According to the Herald, a campaign will be launched to celebrate the partnership, including print ads in major food magazines, retail point-of-sale marketing collateral, a website with suggested recipes and pairings and, of course, English waving the A-B flag at food and drink fests

more here

I’ve heard a lot of negative things about Todd English, none of which I can substantiate personally, but the uninformed endorsement of Michelob speaks volumes about the man. You might also be interested to know that the famed 21 Club in New York, while boasting an incredible wine list, also serves a less than adequate beer selection. A secret insider source at 21 told me that their beer list includes only beers such as Coors, Amstel, Bud, and the best available: Heineken. For a restaurant with such a reputation for quality, you might think they would have beers that the connoisseur might appreciate.

Try some of these when you get a chance as well.

Commuting by bicycle in Boston

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m not in the know as far as traffic rules with regards to bikes go, but I’m fairly certain that automobile drivers are required to share the road with us bike riders. Maybe the etiquette is something I have yet to grasp. I never thought I would be harassed as much as I have been for simply riding alongside the road.

It’s a bit of a Catch-22. It’s illegal to ride on the sidewalks, but I risk serious injury and harassment from drivers if I ride in the street. Last night as I rode home from work, I prepared to turn left onto my street (off of Highland Ave.) I made sure to use the old hand signals to indicate my turn, and seeing only one car far behind me, it seemed like a pretty reasonable move. That is, until the car behind me sped up, caught up to me as I made the turn and swerved around me at the last second – a bit unnecessary considering there was no one else on the road and he could have easily avoided me by either a.) going the speed limit or b.) actually paying attention. Instead, as I turned down my street after a completely legal maneuver, the gentleman in the car passing me leaned out his window to make sure I heard what he had to say, “Get off the ****ing road you ***hole!”

Am I doing something wrong here? Is there some unwritten code of bike versus car ethics that I haven’t read? Did I miss the memo?

Remlinger ‘s Got to Go

I know he’s only played in 3 games for the Sox, but I already can’t stand our newest reliever Mike Remlinger, a lefty we got from the Cubs on August 10th. The 38 year-old reliever was not getting it done in Chicago and what Epstein and the Sox brass thought we’d get out of him escapes me. In his first 3 games, he’s pitched just 1 complete inning and let up 7 runs (6 earned). In Chicago, he had an ERA just under 5.00 and the 3 debacles he’s thrown in Boston now has it over 6. Here’s some advice for Theo, cut your losses while you can.

Creative Commons Con in Boston

Can anyone help out the author of boingboing?

Boing Boing: Know anything about the Creative Commons con in Boston this Sept?

Know anything about the Creative Commons con in Boston this Sept?
Some time ago, I was invited to speak at a conference on Creative Commons in Boston on Sept 25 and 26. I put it in my calendar but I haven’t heard back from the organizers since and now I’m trying to get my travel booked in. Unfortunately, the search tool in my mailer isn’t turning up the original exchange and I can’t find any info about the event on the Web. If you know anything about this conference, please email me.

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