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Homicides in Boston

Boston homicides match 10-year high –

Who knew that we lived in such a violent city.

“Boston, with a population of around 570,000, still has a relatively low rate of violent crime compared to other large U.S. cities. But a trend that saw the number of homicides drop from 152 in 1990 to just 31 in 1999 appears to have reversed. Sixty or more killings have now been recorded in four of the past five years.

Investigators have arrested or identified suspects in 20 of the 66 cases — a rate of just 30 percent, a 10-year low.”

The population count always bothers me, occasionally you hear that Boston has 1 million + inhabitants, and other times this

Love Beer?

Because if you do, then the Extreme Beer Fest might just become your new idea of paradise. Just replace the 72 virgins with over 100 different extreme beers. Extreme beers, you ask? Do they enjoy BASE jumping? street luge? Hardly, Dan Cortese, these beers are simply extremely alcoholic (7% to 25% ABV at last year’s fest), extremely interesting (honey, jalapeno, coffee, whiskey, and fruit flavored beers, and the hoppiest brews around) and extremely delicious. Tickets aren’t on sale yet, but you can bet that they’ll sell out long before February 11th rolls around. Keep your eyes on the Beer Advocate site.

Lookin for a new pad? / Real Estate Photo gallery

Yup, click that link and the boston glob will show you around Manny Ramirez’ house. It’s sad that he’s thinking of leaving Boston, and even sadder that it might be because of an affair! His wife is sooooo hot! Manny, what are you thinking?

What the heck are the Sox going to look like next year?

Let me see if I can find some more change behind the couch to make a downpayment on Manny’s pad.

A professional team in vegas?

Viva pro sports? Vegas makes play for team – Yahoo! News

Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman says he’ll wager on anything and everything: football games, the passage of city ordinances, even a cockroach race. Now, Goodman is making the biggest bet of his career – that he can successfully lure a pro sports team such as Major League Baseball’s Florida Marlins to Sin City.

I know its not Boston news, but, in a town as dedicated to sports as we are, I thought it was interesting….

And, speaking of sports…. can the Bruins please win a game soon? Oh good, we’re playing Ottawa next. Fun!

AIM Bot for late T stuff

This is pretty cool: Posted in Uncategorized | Comments Off on AIM Bot for late T stuff


BSSC eUpdates

Check out the BSSC’s snowball!


procrastination, how to stop procrastinating – psychological self-help

Anyone else feel like its impossible to get work done today? Call me crazy, I have a big pile of things to do, but I’m still in Thanksgiving mode. The overcast weather isn’t helping… and the computer is the source of all things evil. I’m even considering this post to be work… oh boy, time for some reheated turkey! (It’s from Saturday, not Thursday)

Skiing Time

Although I’m too spastic to be a skiier, it is nice to hear that the local ski resorts are getting their season off to a bang. Ski resorts report banner weekend – If we could keep 90% of the snow up in VT, ME and NH that would be great, as I hate shoveling. I wonder how bad the snow will be this year? Thankfully, Thanksgiving morning was only a light sprinkle here in the city. It’s been cold, but thats supposed to end soon, too. It will, obviously, be winter before we know it, but I’m kind of happy that the Fall has been off to an OK start. Given, the leaves went from green to brown and on the floor before I got a good chance to do leaf peeping…

Happy Monday! Man, I’m still so stuffed from all the turkey. Hope I find a way to get motivated today….

How are your Monday after the long Thanksgiving workdays going?

Two new cities!

There are now two new Metroblogging cities: Metroblogging Dubai and Metroblogging Miami! Stop by and say hello!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Metroblogging Boston! The snow wasn’t as bad as they said, and its time to eat too much, drink too much, and watch cartoon character floats make their way down 5th Avenue in NYC. Ah, such is the life!

We wish everyone a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving! Rock on!

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