I’m not going to IKEA for a while

Based on the comments in this thread: Metroblogging Boston: Who has been to the Stoughton IKEA?, doesn’t look like I’ll be going to IKEA for a while – at least not the Stoughton one.

If I were the President of Boston University perhaps I could take a half day and shop at my leisure, but then again, with that kind of dough, you’re probably going to Bernie and Phill’s., no wait … what’s the fancier furniture store with the two guys who are always doing funny commercials during Red Sox games. Damn, my brain is tired. Maybe I should try to become president of a college/university, I mean, how hard can that be? I can throw an alumni dinner at $500/head easily! At least some colleges are investing their millions wisely – and ethically.

Happy Monday, I’m off to New Jersey. WoohoO! Too bad I no longer have my high school hair cut! I wonder if Hertz will rent me an IROC-Z28? I should give Bon Jovi a call when I’m there… we could duet Living on a Prayer … although he gets all those high notes!

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