Wine All You Want, But Mitt’s Right

Its not every day that you are proud of a Massachusetts’ politician’s decision to veto an alcohol-related bill, but Governor Romney’s veto of the bill that would have allowed online wine sales in the state was very impressive. I admit, when I saw the headline on, I thought antiquated Blue Laws or republican conservatism had played a role in the veto, but it looks like Mitt was actually looking out for the wine lovers (and makers) of Massachusetts.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to be able to order wine online as much as the next guy, but I also want the Bay State’s local wineries to sell without restrictions. Wineries that already have distributors would have been barred from selling their wares to consumers, which Mitt feels, “creates artificial barriers to protect Massachusetts wholesalers at the expense of a free market.”

Lawmakers need to go back to committee and ignore the influence of the large distributors. The Internet is the ideal place for small wineries to showcase their products to the world and restrictions derived from political loyalties should not hinder the ability of these vendors to expand beyond Massachusetts.

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