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Mumbai on Metroblogging

Boston would like to welcome Metroblogging Mumbai to the Metroblogging family. Mumbai is the new name of the city previously nown as Bombay – and Metroblogging’s first Indian City. Stop by and say hello!

Ah, the holidays

Here’s hoping that everyone has had a happy holiday so far (Unlike these folks: Family returns home to find presents stolen –

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner – anyone have a killer party planned?

Damon’s an idiot

Yes, all the world is abuzz with Johnny Damon’s move to the dreaded New York Yankees, but no one is a harsher critic than ESPNews: Page 2 : Damon still an idiot

The Yankees … how we love to hate them.

So. Much. Bach.

A metaphor for blogging: a giant party with everyone bustling around you, where you, the author, perpetually raise your voice above it like a flag-carrier and say, “Come on, guys! This way! I’ve got a story.

A second metaphor for blogging: lol kotc ttyl

Metblogs Paris!

The latest addition to the Metroblogging community is Metroblogging Paris! Stop by and say “allo!”

Fly the Maddeningly Delayed Skies

Forbes Magazine has recently compiled an index of the fifty biggest airports in the US. Unfortunately, they failed, since the word “index” implies to me that the results should be sorted in some way. They went to all the trouble of finding the total number of passengers (from 2004) and the average percentage of on-time flights (from June of 05), but they didn’t bother to rank them by either measure. And I ask you, what’s the value of information if I can’t find out who to make fun of for being last? (infuriating Newark for efficiency and puny Bradley for volume, just so you know)

Anyway, Logan didn’t fare so hot, ranking a paltry 39th place in efficiency. I place most of the blame for that squarely on mother nature, because she hates flying and wants to make sure Boston travelers hate it too. The full efficiency list (compiled by yours truly, thanks for nothing Forbes!) after the jump.

Rocket Redux?

So, the rumors are flying around that the Red Sox are going to try and get Roger Clemens back with the Red Sox. What do you think of this?

I wonder mostly because I was at Roger’s first game back in Boston after leaving. The crowd reaction was VERY mixed. Some people clapped, some booed, some just plain didn’t know what to do. The crazy part was that there was such a mix of attitudes within Red Sox Nation that there were TONS of fights in the stands (well, the bleackers (big surprise there)). It got so bad that they cut off beer in like the 5th inning or something.

So, many years since he left, are the opinions just as heated today as they were back then?

Blue Line Movie

Steve Garfield’s Off On A Tangent: Daily weblog on pop culture and technology.

Cultural Farming has made a movie shot late at night on the Blue Line. Interesting stuff!

Greenway’s getting some money

The Boston Globe is reporting that the folks who are overseeing the construction of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway have raised $5.3 million. $5.3 million pledged toward Big Dig park – With all the problems the Big Dig has had, its nice to see the greenway getting some attention. Now that the overland highways have been successfully put underground, its encouraging to know that people are putting a lot of thought into the greenway. The last I heard there should be parks, commercial zones and residential areas in what must be some of the most valuable real estate in Boston. Knowing the pace of construction in Boston, I wonder if my grandchildren will be able to enjoy the greenway.

After yesterday’s snow, and the promise of more to come this week, the thought of anything green is a nice idea. Does anyone know of any websites or other sources of information that details the plans for the greenway? I’d be interested in hearing about it.

Happy Monday.

Boston Crime Site

Looks like someone is putting together a Boston Crime Site – A Boston crime site | Universal Hub – and the author has asked for requests for features.

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