Fly the Maddeningly Delayed Skies

Forbes Magazine has recently compiled an index of the fifty biggest airports in the US. Unfortunately, they failed, since the word “index” implies to me that the results should be sorted in some way. They went to all the trouble of finding the total number of passengers (from 2004) and the average percentage of on-time flights (from June of 05), but they didn’t bother to rank them by either measure. And I ask you, what’s the value of information if I can’t find out who to make fun of for being last? (infuriating Newark for efficiency and puny Bradley for volume, just so you know)

Anyway, Logan didn’t fare so hot, ranking a paltry 39th place in efficiency. I place most of the blame for that squarely on mother nature, because she hates flying and wants to make sure Boston travelers hate it too. The full efficiency list (compiled by yours truly, thanks for nothing Forbes!) after the jump.

Airport/City—% of Flights On Time—(# of Passengers)

1. Honolulu—88.74—(22 million)
2. George Bush/Houston —87.44—(36.5 million)
3. Cincinnatti/Northern Kentucky—83.64—(22.1 million)
4. William P. Hobby/Houston—83.50—(8.3 million)
5. Salt Lake City—82.19—(18.4 million)
6. Memphis—82.04—(10.4 million)
7. San Antonio—81.55—(7 million)
8. Dallas/Ft. Worth—81.49—(59.4 million)
9. Phoenix Sky Harbor—81.14—(39.5 million)
10. Austin-Bergstrom—81.05—(7.2 million)
11. Chicago Midway—80.81—(19.4 million)
12. Denver —79.27—(42.4 million)
13. Los Angeles—78.22—(60.7 million)
14. Cleveland/Hopkins—78.15—(11.2 million)
15. Nashville—77.56—(8.7 million)
16. Louis Armstrong/New Orleans—77.36—(9.7 million)
17. San Diego-Lindbergh Field—77.36—(16.4 million)
18. John Wayne/Orange County—76.96—(9.3 million)
19. Ontario (CA)—76.85—(6.9 million)
20. Lambert-St. Louis—76.81—(12.8 million)
21. Kansas City—76.67—(10 million)
22. Detroit Metropolitan—76.65—(35.2 million)
23. Indianapolis—76.47—(8 million)
24. Las Vegas—76.26—(41.4 million)
25. Oakland—76.00—(14.1 million)
26. Ronald Reagan—75.79—(15.9 million)
27. Charlotte/Douglas—75.55—(25.5 million)
28. Southwest Florida—75.22—(6.7 million)
29. Baltimore/Washington—75.15—(20.8 million)
30. Raleigh-Durham—75.13—(8.6 million)
31. Minneapolis/St. Paul—75.11—(36.7 million)
32. Tampa—74.82—(17.4 million)
33. Orlando—74.09—(31.1 million)
34. Pittsburgh—73.80—(13.3 million)
35. Sacramento—73.56—(9.6 million)
36. Portland—72.79—(13.0 million)
37. San Francisco—72.07—(32.2 million)
38. San Jose—72.07—(11 million)
39. Logan/Boston—72.03—(26.1 million)
40. Chicago O

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