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Another MBTA Anagram

I think I posted the last one a little too fast!

derspatchel: WOMAN SPOUTS BABY

Anagram of the Orange Line

And speaking of the MBTA, there were a couple of posts on boingboing about subway maps which are altered to make anagrams of the station names. AK has made one too: Analog’s Digital World: Orange Line Anagram

And here it is:

MBTA Raising Fares

Big news from the boston globe today: MBTA likely to raise fares next year – I understand the need to increase fares, if (and only if) there are resulting improvements in service. As far as I can tell, the only improvement the MBTA is thinking about is the Charlie Card, which will only put us 5 years behind other metropolitan areas.


I don’t ride the ‘T’ as much as I used to, but when I do, I’d like it to be fast, convenient, affordable and reliable. No waiting for 20 minutes for the next train. I’m looking forward to the Charlie Card, when does that start again? The only time I ever see one is when I take the Blue line from Logan…

Manny 2006

So, it looks like the Red Sox are starting this season much like they ended the last, with Manny being a Manny. The Sox announced today that Manny Ramirez will not be reporting until March 1.

To me, this is a very disrespectful move on his part. He’s known for a long time when he needed to report and without a lot more information from him and the team, this just seems like a very selfish move on his part. With so many new players on the team, you’d think one of the team’s leaders would want to be there to get working with all these guys and get the group to work together as a team.

Back From the (Mostly) Dead

Anyone who was familiar with the Cambridge bar scene couldn’t help shedding a few tears last summer when the Plough and Stars, the venerable (1969) pub beloved for its old-fashioned charm and soccer riots, announced it would be closing. Well, for everybody sick of pricey “American tapas” and appletinis, the time has come to dry those eyes (Irish or otherwise), because the Plough is back! Ok, ok, it’ll be back in March sometime, but it’s heartening to know that gentrification and skyrocketing Boston rents can’t keep everybody down. Somewhere out there, the people still want to drink Guinness, listen to great local music, and get whiskey poured on them when Ireland blocks a corner kick. With St. Patty’s Day around the corner, what more could you ask for?

It's Back, Baby!

Al Gore

Why does this man continue to favor the rights of terrorists overour right to be protected from them? Two of the 9/11 planes left from Boston and we lost many of our citizens to in large part to the failures of the government while he was VP. He has not accepted any responsibility as far as I know

This is a story which was not covered very much when it happened over the weekend. Now it is coming out.

Read it here

A Reply

Scott Mcclellan said this today:

(Addressing the Press Corps) If you all want to focus on this, if you all want to spend your time on it — we’re gonna keep focussing on the pressing priorities of the American People, like talking about how to make health care more affordable and accessible. We’ve got important work to do for the American people, and that’s where we’re gonna keep our focus. You’re welcome to keep your focus on these issues. I’m moving on.

I don’t know how much you know about irony, Scott, because health care’s great, but Cheney shot a 78 year old man in the face. And gave him a heart attack. So the next time I see a man get shot, and the watch cops pull up, I’ll stand by — waiting to hear the gunman say, “So?”


Bear with me as I figure this out! Consider this my first post.

Flagship Apple Store Coming to Boston

Via Mac Rumors:

The Boston Globe notes that Apple is planing on building a “flagship” Apple store in Boston.

The Four-story store is expected to be built on Boylston Street across from the Prudential Center.

Apple is purchasing the building, which currently houses Copy Cop, and is planning to take it down and erect a glass-covered retail ”jewel” within the next two years

That’s here.

Free Wireless in Cambridge

I was just doing a little skimming during a meeting, and I found this article on the – Technology News: City, MIT pairing on free wireless. I wonder when this will actually happen?

There are already a ton of places in Central and Kendall for free wireless, but its nice to hear that the city is trying to make it possible for the entire town.

Of course, there’s the real possibility that I’ll do nothing but surf the web and check e-mail all day… instead of living a healthy, productive life…. ah, technology. How I love to hate you.

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