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Red Sox Tickets for Life

A new Mass. State Lottery scratch ticket promises just that. The $5 ticket will be available on April 11th, which is also the Sox home opener. It’s sad, but this is probably your best chance to score season tickets.

Red Sox Devil Rays Brawl

Red Sox, Devil Rays brawl in exhibition –

I didn’t get a chance to see the game (nor do I generally watch the grapefruit league), but that’s just sad.

I was in Florida for a quickie weekend vacation, and I was ASTOUNDED by how many Bostonians were in/around Orlando.

Literally it seemed like every 10th person was wearing Red Sox garb – and some of the folks I spoke with were actually going to games in Ft. Myers.

I think its fantastic – I’m a fan, but I’ve never traveled to see the Sox.

What’s the craziest sports related thing you’ve ever done?

Spring Begins!

A sure sign of spring in Boston | Universal Hub

You know its Spring time in Boston when the street sweeping begins!

Nothing like looking for a place to park… thankfully I live in a residential neighborhood where this isn’t a big problem. Regretfully, I have to drive all over for work, so this does pose some challenges.

The Demise of WAAF

Lately WAAF has been putting a lot of advertising in to having more rock than before. Usually, I would take this as a good sign. Sadly, it is not.

The more rock they are advertising is the rock they never played before. More popular type stuff and classic rock. The best part about WAAF was it being a heavier alternative to WBCN. You’d hear bands who were much more on the metal side of things rather than the rock side of things. Now, WAAF is basically a clone of WBCN. Sure, the DJs are different, but the music played is pretty much the same.

I’d been thinking about this for a while and then riding home from work the other day, I heard “Sweet Home Alabama”. Now, I love this song as much as the next guy, but on AAF? Never! Now, they are playing it along with all sorts of other stuff, I never wanted to hear on WAAF.

It’s a sad time for Boston radio.

When Pearl Jam Attacks

Pearl Jam is heading to Boston!

Tickets for Pearl Jam’s scheduled show (and one rumored show) at the TD Banknorth Garden go on sale this Saturday via Ticketmaster. The scheduled show is Wednesday May 24, with a rumored show on the 25th. The show on the 25th will most likely be announced the minute tickets sell out for the first show.

With Pearl Jam’s new single “World Wide Suicide” hitting number 1 on the Modern Rock Chart in it’s first week of release, these should be some of the hottest tickets in town, so get ’em early.

Fidelity Laptop Stolen

Stolen Fidelity laptop held info on thousands of customers –

Here’s a quick tip. Don’t leave 196,000 social security numbers with personal data lying around on a laptop. Here’s another tip. Don’t get your laptop stolen. Try to keep it close, keep it safe… you know, like the One Ring.

Too much geekiness for a Thursday morning – 16 days till the wedding!

No more last minute heroics from the Pats

ESPN is reporting that Adam Vinatieri has come to terms with the Colts. To me, this is very sad news. Adam was one of the best kickers in the league and his last minute heroics won the Pats many games, including two Super Bowls. He will be missed.

The Northeast is due for a major hurricane

According to some genius: Report: N.E. due for major hurricane – Hurricanes’ Aftermath –

So, this article basically says that a major hurricane will eventually hit the northeast.

I wish I was a weather forecaster. Then I could spout off stupid crap like this. Here’s another one for you… the sun will rise tomorrow. I stil think its a good idea to stock up on beer, Doritos and other essentials. If not for the hurricane, at least for the weekend.

Check out the picture they put with the article on MSNBC:

It’s from Katrina. Its not like that is heading straight for us. Ah, the media, how I love to hate you.

Bye Bye Bronson

Monday’s Sports Transactions –

I didn’t link to a bigger story, because, honestly, what’s the point? Although I’m sad to see Arroyo leave, I haven’t been following the Sox much this pre-season, and I’m waiting for the first game of the year to get my ‘Sox on.

Anyone get tickets this year? I didn’t even try…

Oh the joys of real life!

18 days till my wedding. I can’t wait for the honeymoon. Not for THAT reason, just because I’ll have no cell phone, no internet, no laptop. Joyfully, blissfully unaware of the world at large!

How do you say one more beer in Greek?

Most valueable piece of Boston real estate?

What’s the most valueable piece of real estate in Boston? According to:The Boston Real Estate Blog � Blog Archive � The most valuable piece of Boston real estate … – its a parking lot on Newbury Street.

It certainly isn’t my house, that’s for sure!

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