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Campus MovieFest: Elevator Girl!

Check out the winning film for Boston’s Campus MovieFest, Elevator Girl, starring my friend Sarah.

Hairball Awareness Day – Hairball Awareness Day

Yes, folks, today is Hairball Awareness Day. You can read all about this fascinating veternary condition here. Or you could just come over my house and watch Patsy and Boo cough up Lovecraftian horrors.

Feet Do Yo’ Stuff

Someone photographed some graffiti at the Lechmere T-stop, which you can check out here: derspatchel: FEETS DO YO’ STUFF

Happy Friday everyone, the last Friday in April. Hopefully May will bring better luck for our beloved Red Sox, and the number of weekend grill parties will begin to increase. When do the students leave? Its always so nice to actually be able to find parking in Boston.

My wife made an interesting comment this morning. She dreamt she was making out with Trott Nixon.

Should I be concerned?

Don’t know Kerouac?

According to this Globe story: Jack Kerouac’s home in Hyannis sold – the new owner of Kerouac’s home in Hyannis didn’t know who the author was!

I don’t think they should be allowed to own the house… give it to me!

Chocolate Cake City

Dearest friends, as a writer and performer for Chocolate Cake City — the creators of Brokeback to the Future — I would like to extend an open invitation to anyone and everyone who wishes to come to our end-of-semester video and sketch-comedy revue.

Where? The Cabaret in the Basement of 80 Boylston St., Boston.
When? Thursday. 4.27. Two shows: 7 PM, and 9 PM. (Free)

Spread the word! Come see what we’re all about. We would love to have your company.

All the best,

P.S. There shall be a free, giant cake from Mike’s Pastry provided for your pre-show eating needs. Because we like you. Like like, even.

Opening Day

There are few days in Boston that can make a Sox fan giddier than Opening Day at Fenway. Getting tickets to the game is more difficult than getting past Logan security with a toe nail clipper. The average ticket price at Fenway is $44, $22 higher than the MLB average, which will end up costing (after admission, parking, food, etc) a family of four close to $250 for a trip to the historic park.

Regardless of the cost, Red Sox Nation habitually dishes it out in order to root for the greatest (and unluckiest) team in baseball. To celebrate this wonderful holiday, my friend T-Blade tracked down this painfully-hilarious re-enactment of 1986 World Series game 6.

Local Vittles and Wireless – Cambridge

Looking for free wireless in Cambridge? Go no further. Stop by Darwin’s Cafe. The last evening I was there they only had one little table available next to the bathrooms – laptops abounded and seemed like a requirement for entry. But that’s why I went. Good sandwiches, though they need to be able to serve hot, pressed sammies. Their chai is on the spicy, peppery side and they only take cash…

O.C. to B.C.

Boston College takes on the pop cult favorite The O.C. with their Must-see webspoof.

Stealing a Cannon

It is all good intentioned. But, how can one steal such a huge thing and transfer it coast to coast? Cannon is fodder in MIT-Caltech rivalry.


How can you secretly declassify something? Isn’t that just another way of saying it was legal to three people, but illegal to everyone else?

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