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Eddie Vedder at Toad

After the Pearl Jam show on Thursday, May 25th, Eddie Vedder and Theo Epstein went to Toad in Somerville for a little jam session.

And I wasn’t there…


Pictures are here:
Eddie Vedder and Theo Epstein join Bill Janovitz and Crown Victoria at Toad in Cambridge, MA May 25, 2006

What is wrong with this picture?

Take a close look at this photo. Click on it to enlarge it even. What’s wrong in this photo? What makes you wonder “why?”

Might the concept of a man walking across the tracks in front of a train be a little bit odd? Might that be a wee-bit dangerous? Might the planners of Boston’s T thought that one out better?

Looking at this photo, I see lawsuits, I see ADA non-compliance. I see all kinds of tram plus people = accidents. I see bad planning.

Here’s the big question though: Do I see the normal MBTA? Is it that safety ignorant? Please do tell!

Might You Play in Traffic Now?

Hello there my little childrens. Where might you be going on a random day like this? And wherever you are going, why are you all dressed up?

Could it be the swankiness of Hotel Marlowe? Or the Bar Mitzvah? Either way, you sure seem proud and happy – way more that I did at that age (or this one) when dressed in a monkey suit.

Might you do me a favor? Might you not disturb my martini as you run by, chasing each other in that foolish pre-teen way? I have a drink here, a precious escape from my pressure day, and I need not you to spill it.

Ah, I know, take yourself on a Duck Tour!

New Mettroblogging City

There’s a new Metrobloggin city in the network. Go check out Metroblogging Hyderabad and tell ’em Boston says hello!

Yeah, sing on brother, play on drummer

There I am, wondering if I am Outbound or Inbound on the Red Line, lost and annoyed.

Before I could pop a fuse and miss my chance to chat with Fouad Siniora, through the air came a calming influence.

It was a old time band, picking and playing with fun and love – perfect to forget my anger and tap my feet with joy. While they weren’t Jimi Hendrix level like the title of this post, they did suit the place and my new mood perfectly.

Thank you random musicians. Yeah, sing on brother, play on drummer.

Finding OM on Winthrop Street

It’s a Thursday night in Cambridge. I am wandering around Harvard Square area, alone and sober. Looking to fix both predicaments quickly, I took an alley option and found myself on Winthrop Street.

Scouting around for a place to play, I first wandered into Grendel’s Restaurant & Bar. There, with everyone seated at a table in small groups, I found myself the lone man out, and so quickly I went out.

Across the street, I saw my nirvana, OM Restaurant and Lounge. There, within minutes, I was seating in one of their lovely couches, sipping the odd Rain Vodka. While it tasted like gin and confused my vodka-only palliate, it did give me a great intro to the hottie German lass next to me.

A flirt here, a wink there, and way too many vodkas later, I was solo again, this time headed to a college bar down the block that foolishly served me more drinks.

Whipping out my Nairobi ‘Mad House’ Mojo I started chatting up an American beauty at the bar.

How did it go, you ask? Check out the photo!

Burrito Pricing Brilliance

A regular burrito for $4.76? Or a large for $5.71? I can understand $4.99 or $5.75, but 71 cents? Why that odd number.

Oh wait, when tax is included those prices magically become $5 and $6. Wow. That is…


Thank you so much random Cambridge burrito store! No more need for exact change to be an exact annoyance. Now if I could only remember your name, I could praise you right.

Might you know?

Pearl Jam in Beantown

Pearl Jam played the Fleet Center (or whatever the hell its called now) last night, but I’m going tonight! I can’t wait. Looks like its going to be a great show, if the other bootlegs are any indication. I posted about it somewhere else: Andreas Matern’s Weblog � Pearl Jam Tonight, but if anyone else is going, let me know, perhaps we can grab a beer beforehand?

Any other concerts this summer that people are looking forward to? This is my ‘big one’ as Pearl Jam is by far my favorite band.

Too much Boston Duck

Wanting just to drink a beer and read my Boston Globe, I was tormented all afternoon by shouts and commotion from the street next to my sidewalk cafe.

Could it be serious road rage or another big ball of fire in the sky? Nope, just another annoying Boston Duck Tour.

While it seems that the tours get good reviews, I really wanna question the sanity of anyone who partakes in one.

Besides the whole tour group tourist aspect of riding around town sardined with 20 flyovers, zipping by sights without even walking around, I know I’d be homicidal if asked to do the damn cheering they bombarded bystanders with on its route.

Wait, any chance one of these things sank in last Sunday’s freaky windstorm weather? I can only hope..


I’m not a runner, I only run when chased. However, I found this new Nike product – NIKE : Overview – a little bewildering. Apparently, you plug some doo-dad (yes, that’s my technical term for it) into into your iPod and through the power of …. something, your iPod and your Nike shoes communicate. Your pace, distance run, and time are all recorded, and spoken to you a la the Star Trek computer.

Has the iPod become the new killer must have toy? If my sneakers can talk to my iPod, what’s going to happen next? I set up a ‘cooking dinner’ playlist and the damn thing tells me how many calories I’m adding each time the olive oil gets added to the pan?

My wife and I both have Nanos – presents to each other for our honeymoon , so I’m not saying anything bad about iPods, but, come on!

She’s looking for a new car, as a matter of fact, and one of the options is a permanent iPod cable – which has to be a big improvement over the FM transmitter.

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