Boston more than “Beantown”?

Say you are a traveler, one who enjoys nightlife worldwide. While you usually get stupid in Washington DC, you’re headed to Boston for your cool international job. You wish your weekend would be free, but you’re going for an all-weekend conference.

You still have Thursday and Friday night though, and you wanna discover something funky. Like when you confirmed its Beer Pong, not Beirut or spent thirty-six hours in Philly checking on cheese steaks.

What would you do?

You wouldn’t investigate the whole “Beantown” angle, that would be flatulent, and you did the tourist trail years ago with the ‘rents. No, you want something cool, fun, nocturnal, and most likely, alcoholic. Any suggestions?

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  1. evan (unregistered) on May 18th, 2006 @ 1:12 pm

    One of the improv theaters, perhaps. The Asylum’s down in North End, too, so you can carouse the food they’ve got down there as well.

    Moreover: welcome to the blog, sirrah!

  2. wayan (unregistered) on May 22nd, 2006 @ 11:02 am

    I’m not a Improv kinda guy, even if I came with two tickets to DC Improv at Babes for Boobs 2006, so I went bar-hopping in Harvard. Late night found me on Winthrop Street, zipping between OM and some random bar.


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