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Middle East Buddy List

Interested in knowing who likes who and who hates who in the Middle East? Slate has a neat little buddy list that will help you figure all this out, although there are a lot of entries entitled “It’s Complicated”. The Middle East Buddy List. By Christopher Beam and Noam Rudnick

Summertime – time for … chocolate?

You’ve probably seen the bizarre Snickers ads on buses all over Boston. I’m pretty amazed that the typeface, font, and general layout are so noticeable! Parodies abound, but I’m also seeing a lot of other chocolate ads this summer, for example, the new Nestle Crunch campaign, which morphs adult torsos onto childrens’ legs.

What about the summer makes one think of chocolate? I’m more in the mood for a Miller High Life and a hotdog off the grill.

High Gas Prices? Tunnels broken? Take Amtrak!

Downeaster chugs forward with 31 percent gain in ridership –

The high cost of gas, and the fallibility of the Big Tunnels is good news for someone … struggling Amtrak reported a 31% increase in ridership from Portland to Boston. There’s always a silver lining, isn’t there?

Big Dig Shut Down

Well, its official, Romney shuts down part of Big Dig tunnel – Yahoo! News. Looks like Romney is shutting down the the eastbound Ted Williams tunnel. After that July 10 incident, who can really blame him, but still…. shouldn’t this be fixed by now? How much did this travesty cost? I’m all for having the highways underground and reclaiming the land lost to overpasses. I’m looking forward to seeing trees where once only cars were whizzing by, but still, people. You spent how many billions on this? Then again, Boston can’t keep potholes filled, how did we expect them to keep tunnels from collapsing?

Logan Worse Than Average

JD Power and Associates have released an Airport Satisfaction Study which ranks airports in the US on a number of things. In the end, like all good statistics, they have a brief summary number (metric). Logan is defined as a Medium airport (more than 10 million but less than 30 million passengers per year). How’d we do?

We’re worse than the average for our size. This just screams “No duh!”. I’ve traveled for business quite a bit, and let me tell ya … Logan sucks. Getting to Logan sucks, getting through Logan sucks, getting around Logan sucks…. the list goes on and on….

What do you think? Are we really that much better than Honolulu International and so much worse that LaGuardia?

North America Airport Satisfaction Study

Overpriced? No kidding!

Forbes magazine has an article: Most Overpriced Places In The U.S. 2006 – which ranks the most overpriced cities in the US. Guess what! Boston, Cambridge … they’re on there. But Essex County? Number one, baby! Go Massachusetts!

Blasts in Mumbai

There have been explosions in Mumbai, where we happen to have a Metroblogging site: Metroblogging Mumbai: Blasts in Mumbai’s local trains.

Read up on all the latest information, and wish the folks in Mumbai well!

Agave growing on Beacon Hill

A buddy of mine rents an apartment on Beacon Hill which we affectionately call “the greenhouse”. There’s a 50 year old Agave plant growing there, and its blooming into the Boston Skyline. Read all about it: Fifty-year-old houseplant adds to the Beacon Hill skyline – The Boston Globe. I can’t believe it made the front page!

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