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MB Dublin

I forgot to mention, but SA Anders has a quick word about the Chester Beatty Library and how she spent her Sunday.

Lost Frost Poem

The Guardian’s reporting that a University of Virginia student’s found an unpublished poem of Mr. Frost’s concerning the first World War. From the article:

War Thoughts at Home is set in a snow-bound house at the time of the first world war. Some blue jays are fighting outside the back door – “this flurry of bird war”. The woman of the house is disturbed from her sewing and goes to the window. The birds fall silent, and in the next stanza one bird says to the other: “We must watch our chance/ And escape one by one/ Though the fight is no more done/ Than the war is in France.” The woman thinks of the winter camps “where soldiers for France are made”, then draws the shades. Outside the sheds look like “cars that long have lain/ Dead on a side track”.


Update: Garth does an absolutely great job putting the poem together:

Bring Back the Coffeehouse :: Events & Giveaways

WERS, my wife’s favorite morning radio program, had a great show called the Coffeehouse, where acoustic … well, coffehouse type music was played.

Now WERS has changed the format of the morning show! It’s a “diverse mix of musical genres” which is not the soothing morning music I need to get ready for work each day.

Please, WERS, bring back the coffeehouse!

McSweeney’s: Mario Kart

Courtesy of McSweeney’s, Wario delivers an eloquent monologue about his day at the race to fellow friends and patrons in the ol’ bar.

And don’t forget that, with just one green turtle shell, Mario was somehow able to send me cartwheeling for at least a full nine seconds. I don’t quite follow the physics behind that, but it was enough to make me yell out “WAAAAAAAA!!!!”


Comcast Hates Google

Several sources around the web are reporting that Comcast has denied access to Google services including Gmail today. So if you have Comcast Internet and can’t check your email, you should give Comcast a call.

Breaking News!
In the interim, if you substitute Google’s IP address for, you can supposedly access your accounts: (update: this only works in Firefox… apparently, IE will still try to render the domain name)

More News:
eWeek’s Google Watch
The Bostonist

C’est interdit!

Cows and kangaroos are banned in a public area in France? Paris Metblogs has the photo.

Firealarms and Butterflies on the 34th floor: Update

I’m back in Boston in a conference room on the 34th floor. The meeting is starting late, so I’m enjoying the view. Something moving catches my eye. I looked closer and see it is a butterfly. A butterfly – at the level of the 34th floor! It’s just flapping gaining in altitude as it disappears from my view.

Then the alarm starts. A fire alarm. Supposedly there is an emergency situation in the building I am in. It’s on the corner of State Street near Government Center. At first, my colleagues and I stop and check with the receptionist. Do we need to evacuate? Apparently not. She’ll let us know if we need to descend the 34 levels of staircase.

But the emergency flashing doesn’t stop. I am still up here in this conference room overlooking the river. I wonder what the emergency is. And if today is my last day. Only time will tell.

Update: Apparently it’s all good now. Now, where’s that butterfly.


Every Tuesday night, a group of Emerson students get together and put on a sketch show down at the ImprovBoston called Zebro. Wonderful stuff and wonderful people. They just got an interview of theirs in the Metro, which they’ve posted as a buffer to their website. Go on over and check it out.

Orwellian Stem Cell Research?

Science News Article |

Romney, who might be running for President next time around, has restricted stem cell research, saying that the he wants to stop an Orwellian future.

I’m all for stem cell research – I honestly do believe that understanding the developmental mechanisms in our cells will help us better understand cellular and biochemical processes and may lead to cures for diseases.

However, I am a bit torn about the creation of embryos for research purposes. Is that really necessary? Are there better ways? I have not taken a look at this issue in a while (stupid work!) but I think the entire stem cell controversy deserves a closer look. I disagree that stem cells are the ‘new abortion’ as stated in the article. However, I don’t know how I feel about creating embryos in the lab to further research.

What do you think?

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