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New Plath Poem

A sonnet Plath wrote in college inside her copy of The Great Gatsby was just dug up. Click for more.

Most Popular Discussion: Iron Maiden

If you haven’t thrown your two cents into the fray, and if you were actually there to see them for yourself, go see the chat about Iron Maiden.

Fiftieth Metblog: Graz!

Head on over and say hello.

digthis 2006: Improv Asylum

Congrats to the Improv Asylum for getting best comedy club for the second year in a row.

From the Dig:

The best thing that can be said about a comedy club is: “These guys are fucking crazy!” Well, when it comes to the Improv Asylum, it’s more like: “No, I mean it; these guys are fucking crazy!” In the past, they’ve had recurring shows with punny titles like “Bird Flu Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “Monkey Trial & Error.” Their latest is called “New Kids on The Blog.” I mean, you can’t make this stuff up. Well, actually, they do make this stuff up–every night. Pure improv comedy. And it’s so funny that you might even laugh.

For the rest of the awards — covering arts + film, bars + clubs, food + drink, health + beauty (really?), and shopping — click right here.

Around the Metblogs

  • LondonGarden allotments now have a ten year wait. I’ve seen a few around the city: one near Tufts, and another down by Fenway, but who knew it was this trendy across the pond? A few links for the novice allotmenter also included.
  • Paris – A dozen Japanese tourists a year apparently come down with ‘Paris Syndrome,’ where the idea of the city doesn’t match up with how they imagined it.
  • Vienna – A Flickr stream of Vienna’s Naschtmarkt. (Bonus link: the wikipedia article.)
  • Streets of Boston

    Short, little video showing a few shots from the city: Streets of Boston.

    Pshares Quick Interviews

    The Ploughshares blog is doing great, “quickie interviews” with authors — Chris Salerno, Oni Buchanan, Benjamin Percy, Rick Barot, and Jon Woodward. Like the Redivider, but more internet friendly.

    Go! Read!

    Should I Stay or Should I Go?

    File this under weekend web enjoyments, ’cause here comes Tony Blair with a mohawk and guitar.

    From the man who remixed Sunday Bloody Sunday, rx2008.

    (Courtesy of Shane and the Telegraph Blogs.)

    Good Pumpkin Festival

    Join 92.9 WBOS at the Life is Good Pumpkin Festival on Saturday, October 21st from Noon to 8pm on the Boston Common.
    With your help we’re going to light up a world record 30,000 pumpkins and raise a quarter of a million dollars for Camp Sunshine, the renowned retreat for children with life-threatening illnesses, located in Casco, Maine.
    There will be live music, great food, a costume parade, scarecrow stuffing, and more! Admission is free! It’s an old fashioned day of fun for the whole family that you’ll never forget! Brought to you by POM Tea.

    More information here

    It’s Not Cold Out People!

    OK, this has been driving me nuts the last few days, but really came to a head today, so I thought I would whine a little here :)

    Over the weekend, I went out to dinner with some friends and while walking over to the North End, I saw people wearing scarves and gloves. I was in a light jacket. It was in the mid-50’s. There is no reason at that temperature to be wearing a scarf.

    Today, it’s in the mid-60’s and I saw people wearing jackets. Folks, just because the calendar says October, you don’t NEED to wear a jacket. Especially when it’s this warm out.

    If you are cold now, just wait a few months when it’s 18 out, then what are you going to wear? 3 jackets?

    Sorry, I just had to vent :)

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