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Local News vs. Self.

Thanks to Bostonist for pointing us towards this hilarious Channel 7 Newsie Fight.

More About That “Thing”

This is through-the-looking-glass type stuff, here. While everyone was going helter skelter about “that thing” at the beginning of the month, the only thing that could have presented a danger that day turns out to’ve been even less of a thing than what the other “thing” was:

A carpenter at Tufts-New England Medical Center who allegedly planted a phony pipe bomb as a prank against a coworker – forcing a frantic evacuation as cops responded to unrelated hoax devices throughout the city – was slapped with a two-week job suspension but faces no criminal charges, the Herald has learned.

Yesterday a NEMC spokeswoman, Brooke Tyson Hynes, said that the pipe bomb was part of ongoing pranks between hospital workers.


School break…

I’ve never been fond of kids, little itty bitty ones, or bigger more obnoxious ones. Either way, my trip in and around the city this whole week was absolutely terrible mostly due to the increase of youngster’s exploring the city and crowding all the trains. While I think it’s great that they’re getting out and exploring, going to museums, I just wish they would be more courteous and use indoor voices! How old do I sound now? hah!

Original Rock @ Hennessy’s Upstairs

Recently, Hennessy’s on Union Street in Fanueil Hall has started up having original bands play in the upstairs room on Thursday nights. Over the last few weeks they have had bands such as Stained Glass Eye, Electric Sugar, and many others. This week they have a load of good bands including one of my favorites, Sunset is a Battle. This week’s schedule (Feb 22) is:

Doors open at 8:30
Sunset Is A Battle 9:00
Watts 9:50
The Cheater Pint 10:40
Superlow 11:30

Check the room out on MySpace for all the upcoming bands!

Free pancakes! YUM!

Thanks to Lucinda Michele over at for the heads up on this!

As if the upcoming Grilled Cheese Invitational (for which I’m making a special treat, which will be featured in an upcoming post) weren’t enough, tomorrow is one of the holiest days of the year.
Shrove Tuesday, you ask? NO, idiot! It’s PANCAKE DAY.
IHOP has pounced on this with all the ferocity of any declining national chain that specializes in carbs, and will be serving free short stacks all day (7am-10pm). You can make a donation to the Childrens’ Miracle Network when you do so. Or you can just eat and waddle off without paying anything. Jerk.

Check out IHOP for your nearest location and let the celebrating of National Pancake Day begin! I know I have my eye on the cambridge location!

Cheap Potter

The Coolidge is showing all the Harry Potter films this week at 3 bucks per film.

The Essentials

The Essentials

Gloves (fingerless so that I can still grab things), scarf (to keep my neck and face warm), coat (to keep the rest of me warm), ipod earphones (to provide soundtrack to daily traveling)

Hey, JP. Want a free tree?

We know you do. There’re only 250 to spare, though, so sign up now to get yours before everyone else does. Yes. Everyone.

From the article:

To apply for a free tree, contact Folk at 442-1059 or see The project is also seeking volunteers for site evaluations, plantings and outreach.

(Photo: Via.)


Here’s my rewrite to Adam’s rewrite: “While blogs come and go, customer service is forever.”

(Bonus Link: Charlie on the MBTA)

Health: Central-line Infections

Beth Israel’s Paul Levy’s posted this month’s statistics regarding central-line infection rates — they saved a life! — , and was wondering what’s keeping other insurance companies and the state from doing the same. We’re curious, too.

Quoth Levy:

This is an attempt to get past a culture of blame and litigation and persuade people that transparency works: Real-time public disclosure of key indicators like this (not the untimely publication of “process” metrics) can be mutually instructive and can help provide an incentive to all of us to do better.

(For more on central-line infections: click.)

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