Then I guess I am stupid

I have been known to say that the lottery is pretty much a tax on the stupid or at least those deficient in math skills. The odds of winning are so small, why spend your money? If you just saved all that money you would probably have more money than if you played all the time anyways. (Note: I have a VERY different take on gambling in casinos ;)

Well, after seeing the nice billboard on the Mass Pike go from $340M yesterday to $355M today, I guess I just could not resist tonight’s Mega Millions. I stopped by the gas station by the office this morning and purchases $20 in quick picks ($15 for me and $5 for a friend). Though I know I have little (or more likely no chance) to win, this is one that you just need to play. The cash payout option is over $200M. I just could not resist.

So, are you playing Mega Millions today?

UPDATE: Just to prove my mathematically challenged comment from above, this CNN article says the chances of winning tonight’s jackpot are 1 in 176 MILLION.

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