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Uh oh. Allen Bramhall declares himself the Poet Laureate of Boston? No offense, Allen, but I’d rather see that go to Bill Knott.

Whoever the city council ultimately picks, I’m sure they can do better than this.

Update: Doug Holder weighs in at Somerville.

Original Zings

The Original Zings of Comedy, featuring extended stand-up sets, is at the Improv Boston every Thursday at 8. Pat Bocuzzi and Nat Towsen are the hosts.

From an interview in the Dig:


NT: A “zing”–also known as a “burn,” a “zap,” a “whammy” and a “good old-fashioned Texas skittlebump”–is an appropriation of a seemingly harmless first half of the sentence into an utterly degrading syntax.

Dig: UH … WHAT?

PB: Elton John called … he wants his sexuality back! Zing!


I’m with John: go applaud Mike Daisey.

But I just want to highlight the end of his post. Most blogs have been highlighting the second paragraph, but look at the end:


From Neil over at the Melbourne Metblogs, someone gets angry at a Sox fan:

The 1880

Emerson College has its own version of The Bwog, the 1880. Go check it out!

No really, who needs sleep?

So in case going out Sunday is just not enough for you, this Monday, Never in Vegas will be hitting the stage at the Revolution Rock Bar. They start at 11. As they say, Let’s Goooooooooo!

On Wednesday, Johnny D’s will be rocking with Zagnutt and Close To Home. This is an early show, so you should be able to get yourself to bed before midnight!

On Thursday, Moon Boot Lover takes the stage at Fanueil Hall’s hottest location to see live original music Hennessy’s Upstairs.

On Saturday, Sunset is a Battle returns to The Bullfinch Yacht Club with a whole bunch of other great bands.

So, now your week is planned! Go out and see some great live local music!

Who Needs Sleep?

If we didn’t have enough music with Sweep the Leg playing at Hennessy’s on Sundays, well now we have Stained Glass Eye playing next door at Paddy O’s. The best part? Stained Glass Eye is on from 7-11 and Sweep the Leg is on from 10-1:30. This means you can rock out all night and see 2 great Boston bands!

So, don’t let the weekend end and enjoy some rockin’ Sunday nights!

Metroblogging Streetart Contest

Come join in on a worldwide street art competition.

MetBlog Berlin provides the rules:

1) Join our Flickr pool:

There is a limit of three pictures per day.

2) The contest effectively started yesterday and will run for two weeks. Then a voting process will start to find a city’s Top 3 streetart pieces.

3) After the local heros are chosen, we run another global contest to crown king of all. Top of the world, Master of the Universe – you know the deal! The Top 3 from each city will enter this contest.

Happy Dice-K Day!

And so it begins. The hundred million dollar man era starts today for the Red Sox. Are you ready?

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