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A Whole Lotta Mudhens Going On

There are two big Mudhens related shows going on in the next couple of weeks that you all should be aware of. (You remember the Mudhens right? Great fun Boston band? Well, go figure it out, because you don’t want to miss this :)

This Thursday, the first show features Tom Groleau and Carla Ryder doing an intimate gig starting at 9PM at Hennessy’s Upstairs on Union Street in Fanueil Hall. It will be a very rare performance of original material that they don’t get out and play very often.

The next show should REALLY be fun. It’s the Mudhens Reunion Cruise! After a super successful show at Harper’s Ferry this past March, they are getting together again to have some more fun and this time it’s on the the harbor. The cruise is a week from Saturday (8/11) and kicks off at 8PM. More information and tickets available here!

I think I am starting to give away too much of my upcoming plans here on this blog ;)

Rocco Deluca and The Burden

One of my favorite discoveries of the past year or so has been Rocco Deluca and The Burden. I first heard about them when VH1 showed I Trust You to Kill Me a while back. The real reason I watched it was to see Kiefer Sutherland make an ass out of himself as the commercials seemed to promise he would.

Though that part came true, what I really gained out of this movie was an appreciation for Rocco and his band. I’m not exactly sure what to call what they do except damn good music. Its sort of rock/blues/slide guitar mashed up in to one. I think if you like guys like Jeff Buckley and Chris Whitley, you will really appreciate Rocco.

So, if you like some good guitar based music and have nothing to do this Friday, you should head over to The Paradise and catch an amazing show.

A Desparate Demand For Pussy… Cat

missing_pussy-cat.jpgI know people love their pets, but it’s amazing how much a longing for a missing family member will begin the estimated value of love, and in this case eight times more than an initial assumption. It’s almost like a reverse ransom, but as a cat owner myself, best wishes to this Jamaica Plain resident in his or her search. I just find it slightly surreal that this person hand-corrected this poster with a Sharpie, and had a lot more editorial work around the neighborhood… now that’s dedication!

Review : The Police @ Fenway


Hello Boston Metblog readers! This is David from Metroblogging DC, giving a fine hello to my favorite town in the US (don’t tell anybody in DC that) with a review of The Police concert at Fenway on Saturday.

The most remarkable thing about taking in a concert at Fenway, is how many people, once they get ont he field, aren’t looking at the stage, but looking at the rest of the stadium from the vantage point of the field. Honestly, if you’re a Red Sox fan (as I am — remind me why I live in DC again) it’s a once in a lifetime experience to stand (although protected by nylon protective blocks) on the field where so many baseball greats also stood. Then of course, taking notice of the stage, and realizing you’re about to take in one of the greatest rock bands ever, who famously imploded almost 20 years ago.


The Police @ Fenway

Well, it’s the big weekend. The Police hit Fenway Park this weekend. Sadly, it looks like Mother Nature is not going to cooperate. Hopefully we won’t be diving from lightning while listening to “Message In A Bottle” :)

Hope to see you all there!

re: Manhole Explosion in NYC

NYC Metblogs has the news.

Blogger Detained

Something going on over in Kuala Lumpur.

4th of July

4th of July and Boston: a date, an event, a celebration, a rainfall, a “thing,” a series of sounds, a run-on sentence: a link.


Busy day over at Islamabad. (BoingBoing)

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