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Snowiest December Ever? I Think So!

Tonight’s storm, if it drops the 4 – 6 inches of the cold white stuff on us that the gurus are predicting, will bring Boston over the threshold. The old record of the snowiest December in Boston was set in 1970 at 27.9 inches. Thus far we’ve seen 26.8.

Congratulations, Boston! It looks like we’ll be setting yet another record tonight!

For fans of no pants

No Pants 2k8 – Boston. (Facebook.)

Check out the Improv Everywhere post for more.

Mobile Service Underground

Surely there must be something better to write about than the T, but then again the MBTA has rolled out quite a few changes recently. This time they’ve added mobile phone service to several stations on their platforms and the surrounding tunnels. You will now be able to talk underground if you’re on the platform or tunnels at Government Center, Downtown Crossing, Park Street and State Street if you have T-Mobile, AT&T, or Verizon Wireless.

Some feel that this is a great step in increasing the ability to communicate when one is delayed while others think that listening to people try to talk over the train will be a pain. I can’t imagine talking over the squeal of the green line, personally, but being able to send a text here and there will be nice.

I can’t help but wonder, though, what other stations can catch a little signal. I was able to use T-Mobile from Downtown Crossing months ago, and although it’s not mentioned in The Globe’s article, I received a text message sent by a friend’s Sprint phone while he was in Government Center.

A Satisfactory Non-Denominational Holiday From The MBTA

Starting in January, the MBTA will begin deploying new subway cars to the blue line. This is a replacement and an augmentation; these 94 new cars will replace the 70 running now. The MBTA expects to complete the upgrade by the summer of 2009. That’s some nicely timed news right there.

(Via The Globe)

First Night Boston

Though one holiday awaits us tomorrow morning, some folks are looking forward to another just a week down the road: New Years. In a city like this, how can there not be an amazing first night celebration? Here’s the official site for First Night Boston.

Know about something else exciting happening for first night? Let us know in a comment!

Crapped on by a Snow Angel and the Moral Lessons of Frustration

I know Thursday’s snow was not much for those of us who stick to the streets and sidewalks – a mere dusting that was of course quickly cleaned up and not much trouble other than the occasional icy, wet sock – but what a nightmare it was for people trying fly.

I speak from experience on this point. Thursday afternoon was spent at Logan, hoping in vain that my flight, one of the last to be canceled, would make it into the air and carry me to DC. Flights were still leaving, although most, like mine, were scrubbed due to poor visibility.

Here’s a timeline of the experience. At 2:00 I left the office. By 4:30 my flight was canceled. At 5:30 my Amtrak train took off without me, while I was mere minutes away. By 7:00 I had gotten a rental car and was on the road to my destination. At 4:00 this morning I finally hit the rack and got a few hours of sleep before starting another day of work.

This note of obvious frustration does have a silver lining. I got where I was going without too much trouble. With the help of a few key people, including the kind gentleman at the Back Bay Amtrak desk who refunded my ticket, and my boss, who offered to pay whatever it took to get my colleagues and me to DC, I was able to arrive safely and without too much delay or expense, if completely worn out.

I assumed my boss did not mean hiring a limo, popping open some Cristal and partying with my entourage. That may have been the next choice, right before I would have had to start looking for another job. As it turned out, a new job is not yet necessary. And the entourage exists in name only.

The lesson is that even when the Snow Angel of Death craps down your back and knees you in the nut sack, others out there seem to do their best to help you out. Thanks, my fellow Bostonians, who helped me get where I needed to go and helped me believe again in the goodness of the northeast.

My Dog Ate My… Baseball?

According to Jonathan Papelbon, his dog, Boss, ate the baseball he used to strike out Colorado’s Seth Smith and complete the Red Sox sweep in this year’s world series.

I wonder if he made his pitching face at the dog when he found out.


The Green Line Strikes Again

There’s been another accident with the green line. This time, instead of rear ending another trolley, an MBTA supervisor was hit near Reservoir Station at about 10:20am. This, of course, disrupted service for a bit. But more importantly, the guy is okay. By the sound of it he got lucky and only sustained an injury to his left arm. I couldn’t say how bad it is, but I, for one, am glad it wasn’t any worse.

In my brief time here I’ve seen them hit cars, trucks, each other, and now their own employees. Is anyone else a little concerned about what the green line trolleys will hit next?

(Via The Globe and The Herald)

Fenway Snow Clearance Violations

For access!

(Via Exhibitionist.)

Profile: Rick Jenkins

Rick Jenkins

Rick Jenkins wants to make sure everyone feels like they’re at home. There’s a bowl of candy set out for people to pick at, Charlie Chaplin’s playing on a mounted TV in one of the corners of the room, some seats are reserved and marked off, scorpion bowls are ushered out to the throat-parched, and but soon Chaplin will be shut off, the room will fill, the lights will darken, The Stendals will start to play, and the first comedian — Rick, the host — will take the stage.

Jenkins is the manager and host of evenings at The Comedy Studio. Located atop the Hong Kong Restaurant in Cambridge, MA, The Comedy Studio has been called “the greatest comedy club on earth” by the senior producer of Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Frank Smyley, but quotes like that don’t speak to how it relates to the rest of the city, who the man who runs the show is, and what a show up on the third floor is like — a friendly, welcoming environment hosted by a friendly, welcoming man who only asks for a certain degree of decorum — pants, at least. Please.

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